Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In honor of the GOP expense in LA: What do Jaime Herrera and the money reimbursed by the GOP for the strip club reimbursement have in common?

How about a massive reimbursement for a total waste of money?

We already know about Herrera's SEIU hi-jinks. We know about her efforts to help the democrats blow $229 million to help them with their new spending. But do we remember her managing to burn her way through almost $500 in meals in 3 days?


Well, here's s brief reminder.

Who here isn't familiar with the Sellers debacle?

Sellers, who, at the time was mayor of Washougal, felt compelled to go to Vegas on "official business." While she was there, she decided that the taxpayers of the city of Washougal should pay for her alcohol, and some high priced meals.
Stacy Sellers is having a tough week. Perhaps she deserves one, since, according to the local version of Pravda, Sellars charged, among other things, a "...$57 'surf and turf' dinner. An $88 bottle of wine. A $72 bill at the Eye Candy Lounge & Bar." while on some sort of "official trip" to Vegas.... although why a trip to Vegas for the mayor of Washougal would be official is, perhaps, a subject for another post. (Take some time and run a google search on the "Eye Candy Lounge & Bar" for pictures of others engaging in some distinctly "non-mayor" like activities. I guess what happens in Vegas is reported in the Columbian.)
Just yesterday, KOIN 6 reported on Brian Baird's abuse of the travel system where he decided he needed to spend a fortune to go on vacations masquerading as a "fact finding trip," a trip that a local travel agent booked for roughly one half the cost charged by Baird.

Erstwhile political opportunist Jamie Herrera seems to share the traits of both Baird and Sellers.

In August of 05, Herrera went on one of these "fact finding trips" to Spokane, where Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA05) maintains a district office.

Instead of sending one of her own staffers already in Spokane for this "fact finding," McMorris-Rogers instead seems to have sent Herrera. That sending Herrera was apparently a complete waste of money is a subject for another post. That issue aside, here is the rather disturbing travel voucher, filled out by Herrera and signed off on by her boss and mentor, Congresswoman McMorris-Rogers.

Now, the questionable aspect of this trip aside, where the main issue of concern for me comes to the fore is here:

Somehow, Herrera managed to spend $475.48 for meals on a 3 day trip to Spokane... and her boss, McMorris-Rogers, approved that cost!

Are you kidding me?

I used to LIVE in Spokane. That much money would feed a family of four for three weeks, and Herrera went through that BY HERSELF, in THREE DAYS?

Shades of Stacy Sellers.

And, just like Jon Russell, who approved Seller's charges since he was in overwatch of the credit cards for Washougal, McMorris Rogers approved this outrageous charge paid for by the taxpayers of the United States.

It seems to me that Sellers and Baird and Herrera are all the same... and Russell and McMorris-Rogers blow off this kind of stuff all the time.

As for me, I don't want any of them either in my government... or in elective office.

Because if any of them gave a damn about us... we wouldn't have heard about any of this.

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Anonymous said...

I travel alot and $475 for 4 days meals is $118.75 per day and the tax on resturant meals is high. She's not going to stay at the cheap hotel and resturants nor would the rest of us. And yes it was 4 days (read the bill again). Also, most business deals are negotiated at meal time or on the golf course. That just is the way things work. You got to find more important stuff on politicians. This is whining.
John S.

Just a guy said...

You believe yourself the only one to "travel a lot?" You think I'm glued to this office?

She spent the better part of two days... on airplanes. While I have traveled around the world... many times... (Including on government business) I was ALWAYS frugal with the taxpayer's dollars when I did it.

Just for one example, a month ago, my wife and I went out on a 3 day road trip to Believue/Snoqualimie Summit/Leavenworth.

Restaurant stops included Maggiano's, the Salish Lodge, and Katz's Chop House, which provided perhaps the best prime rib I've ever had... hardly Denny's.

And the food for TWO of us, including drinks... was around $300... for all 3 days... and that was now, some 5 years later when prices are even higher for travelers.

And is this where I point out that this part of the bill that I am hammering her over did not include her room cost? And while she could have stayed at a Motel 6 or something along those lines... and WOULD have had she given a crap about the taxpayers, I didn't mention WHERE she stayed... just that she was spending enough to feed 3 people while she was there.

This is yet another of the many indicators of her arrogance and her motivations. If this kind of thing meets your approval, then perhaps you need to vote democrat. But those allegedly "conservative" should do much more than mouth that line; they should live it.

So, I guess what it boils down to is this: What she SHOULD do is remember who is paying her bills. Her number one question SHOULD have been: "How can I do this for the least amount of money to the taxpayer?" You know... like any fiscal conservative would?

And since neither Barbie nor you appear to have any problem ripping off the taxpayer for personal use, maybe you should change parties?

I mean, why engage in half measures by lying about being a conservative when you can join the party who's mission is to rip off the taxpayer and redistribute a little wealth.... eh?

Anonymous said...

You again miss the point. I will not travel for work and not get proper food. You can eat at McDonalds for $7.50 per meal, but I'm gong to eat at the airport resturant that is going to charge me easily $35.00 plus. Where do you eat the hotel resturant $25.00 easily. Evening dinner and coctails with business (political) associates, another $65.00. It adds up quick now at $125 for one day. Do you really stay at the Motel 6 when on company business? Those hotels are crack houses. Real safe for a politician. Motel 6 is $60.00 with tax in most big cities in washington state. Nice hotels are just setup for business meetings, are safe, and the right environment (you probably won't get mugged). When I’m away from my family and home the nice environment makes up for being on the road. There is no other choice but Jaime Herrera for this position. If she doesnt win we get the Big spender democrat. You must be a closet Democrat because your promoting Heck when you bash Herrera.
John S.

Anonymous said...

Also keep in mind that the taxes on hotels, resturants, and airports are high. Easily 15% plus per meal and ect. So $100/day meals becomes $115 plus.

Just a guy said...

I missed nothing.

For me, as a taxpayer, the ONLY question, besides was this trip necessary at all (It clearly wasn't) was this: could it have been done for less? Could she have eaten less, for less money? Could she have cost us less money?

As I pointed out, just recently, my wife and myself COMBINED ate for much less, and quite well, paying the same taxes you use to help her excuse HER conduct.

Clearly, she doesn't care about spending OUR money, particularly when she's spending it on herself... and that's precisely the same attitude Brian Baird had, wasting hundreds of thousands on his vacations to the Galapagos and Antarctica.

Character and integrity are those things that rule your life when no one is watching. Here, clearly, no one was watching... and what did she do?

That you would excuse her waste of so much money (And, BTW, the sales tax for meals was around 9% at the time) is not a function of your concern over her as an individual as much as it is your ability to turn a blind eye to her faults because of the letter after her name.

I am long since past that nonsense.

I know that even *I* could have taken that same trip, accomplished the same goals, and achieved it for much less money. Fiscal conservatism must begin with these people as individuals. It's much more than just a concept. Each end every penny taken from our pockets must be treated with care and respect.

Spending this much money for 3 days worth of meals does neither.

You want to vote for her? Knock yourself out.

Obviously, my definition of true fiscal conservatism differs greatly from yours. But I will never support someone with two faces built on the kind of rank hypocrisy she displays with such frequency... as she did here: