Thursday, January 21, 2010

Along with the other leftists, has the cancer of our local paper got the message, yet?

One wonders... It seems that perhaps the most tone-deaf politician in American history has gotten the message. Yes, even that empty suited, Anti-American racist bigot in the White House is at least paying lip-service because he got his head and his policies handed to him in a basket.

Has our local paper?

The writing, if you will, is on the wall. Will the paper see it?

Will we see the end of the fringe-left bias infecting every element of editorial policy? Will we begin to see, dare I say it, the beginning of something approaching FAIRNESS?

No. We won't. And we won't for the same reason that up until the Haitian-like outcome of the Massachusetts election, the leftist nutjobs running the show in DC weren't paying attention, either.

Back in the day, when I was a staffer, I actually enjoyed reading The Olympian. Back then, they would frequently run two columnists writing from opposite sides of the same issue.

I thought it was a great idea to present two different perspectives of the issues of the day (and who knows? Maybe they STILL runn that program) but imagine the change in attitude in the despicable John Laird if he knew that someone would be immediately able to destroy the leftist pap he cranks out with column after column, providing even more fuel and impetous to anyone to the right of Mao to avoid ever buying this, up to now, cancer on our community.

This paper has the ability to require fairness and accuracy. It has the ability to reflect the agenda of this community, instead of the few downtown special interests it actsd as the mouthpiece for. But bankruptcy hasn't made any difference... why would anyone think that something as minor as this titanic political shift mean anything to them now?

Will it? Will it make any difference?

Of course not. That would require firing the leadership, infested with the arrogance and superiority of the rank leftists that have brought us to this state of affairs... even after the Haitian earthquake moved to Mass last Tuesday evening.

Now, we'll see what Brown can do for us, while we wait for the winds of true change to sweep out the trash leading our government today.

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Lew Waters said...

I noticed Dena Horton, Chair of the Clark County Democrat Party (for any who might not know) wrote an op-ed complaining about Ann Donnelly's every other week column

Ann is the former chair of the Clark County Republican Party, fo any who might not know.

Ann has a column every two weeks and in between, what do we get? John Laird, Kathie Durbin, Tom Koenninger and Lou Brancaccio on a nearly daily basis.

And, Horton claims there is no counter point provided for Ann's columns?

How clueless can a woman be?