Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So.... what happened to And why does the local stain on journalism's site become "epic fail" on IE?

., best known for outing Brian Baird as a lying scumbag over fake death threats... as well as showing up our local waste of wood pulp as a democrat front group bent on rehabbing our Cowardman's image, is off line.

Hopefully, this situation can be resolved and the site moved to another provider... perhaps one with a set of testicles.

Meanwhile, the total incompetents over the Columbian's zoo have screwed up their script somehow, and the end result is that their Goebbelian effort doesn't seem to come up on Internet Explorer, although it seems to work fine in Firefox... which, come to think of it, is an increasingly frequent occurrence across the spectrum of websites.

Click on the Columbian link in IE now, and you get "ERROR: Couldn't find template for class = and category = FORSIDE."

HHhmmmm...... seems that their website efforts are as incompetent as their inability to understand or engage in journalism.

Bob, get your site moved. Keep fighting these scum, and holding them accountable for the injury they're doing to our community as they've long since abandoned any pretense of fairness or balance in their rag.

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George said...

I was sad to discover a "farewell" message from the chief, Bob Koski, when I checked in at yesterday. I think it was up for maybe 24 hours before he "pulled the plug" on his blog. He mentioned how his enemies had stepped up their attack on him, & that his health wasn't up for the fight.
While I am sorry to have seen it come to that. I respect Bob's decision. I hope to see someone take up where he left off.
Hail to THE CHIEF!