Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thoughts on Specter's defecation.

So, Arlen Specter has formalized what we all already knew: that he is a democrat.

This is a move of self-preservation. The polls showed him to be road kill in Pennsylvania in '10. Like many politicians of all stripes, he would sell his children to be elected and re-elected.

Specter had the opportunity to stop President Obama from burying us under a heap of debt that generations will not be capable of paying. His rank hypocrisy (Specter attempted a rule change after Jim Jeffords (who is he? Where is he now?) that would stop the very thing he's doing during a senator's term) is based on ideological cowardice... and the idea that the GOP had somehow "moved away from him" is enough to make a sane person blow chunks.

For a coward, this move is inevitable. Earlier, I advocated that our new GOP leader, Micheal Steele, actually expel that waste of skin... and take the other two with him (Snowe and Collins) Had he done that, the result would have been the same, but the GOP would have controlled the circumstances and the message. Now, the shoe is on the other foot... we've arrived at that point, but we got there through Specter's cowardly convenience.

Among other accomplishments, Specter "forced the military to purchase a less-effective personal decontamination substance and system than another available process that the military actually wants; a system less effective because it is a non-chemical agent neutralizing form of charcoal as opposed to a chemical-agent neutralizing lotion;" (Specter only brecieved $47,000 in campaign contributions for that bit of perfidy)

Whether Specter votes with the majority as an alleged Republican or he votes with them as a part of the socialist cabal running (Or is it "ruining?") this country makes no difference. Now, at least, we can count on that particular leftist to vote leftist instead of guessing as to which way his particular wind blows. With any luck at all, Tweedle Dumb (Collins) and Tweedle Dumber (Snowe) will go with him.

None of them will be missed.

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