Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Baird blows it on a public vote on the massive and unneeded I-5 Bridge/Loot Rail scam.

Yesterday, our local version of Pravda got cute and decided to keep their above-the-fold headline story off the web, Baird questions bridge financing plans.

There really wasn't much of anything new in the article. As a completely owned subsidiary of the Downtown Vancouver Mafia, Inc, Baird has reveled in scamming the taxpayers for yet another downtown taxpayer ripoff, in addition to helping out Obama with his socialist income-redistribution program.

But he has been in the chorus of the "you ain't gettin' much, if any, federal dollars for this massive waste" for quite some time now.

The arrogance of those behind this massive waste cannot be overstated. And in today's political science lesson, I'm going to point out to you yet another example of when a congressman, or any other elected official, can hide behind tyranny in their guise of a "republic" when they don't want to hear what the people have to say.

I congratulate Mize for finally mentioning the almost $1300 per year that each of the 65,000 or so commuters will have to pay to cross into the Soviet Republic of Portland from the Taliban City of Vancouver.

That is the first time I've ever seen ANY number that gives us the bad news as to how much the pro-bridge types; who rarely, if ever, will have to pay this obscene amount of money to go to work; want to force us to pay to commute.

That's right, folks. In the midst of this horrific recession, jacking our unemployment through the roof, people like Commissioner Steve Stuart, Vancouver City Councilman Tim Leavitt, Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard, LaCenter Mayor Jim Irish and a host of others want to ram this massive bill down our throats.

The problem is that our local Congressman, Brian Baird, wants to do the same, if this piece of crap is ever built.

Oh, he couches it in terms of concern. He says things like:
Baird said he understands tolls would be a huge cost for commuters and he isn't advocating higher tolls. Instead, there needs to be a public discussion based on accurate cost projections and corresponding benefits, such a s a reduction in commute times, he said.
This, of course, is an outright lie. You see, Congressman, I don't give a rat's ASS what you, allegedly, "understand."

What I want to know is what you're going to DO about it. Which, if this article is to be believed, is absolutely nothing.
"If you pay $2 and you can get to your kid's soccer game, a lot of times I would pay those $2," he said."
This may be the dumbest thing any congressman has ever said.

You have to be a complete moron to couch it in these terms. This isn't ABOUT "soccer games," you idiot. SOCCER MOMS ARE NOT THE ONES THAT WILL HAVE TO PAY ANOTHER $1300 PER YEAR TO GO TO WORK.

This is about 65,000 people going to work in Oregon every day, and paying ANOTHER $1300 PER YEAR FOR THE PRIVILEGE.

So, does our erstwhile Congressman believe that those of us who are going to get stuffed with this bill should have any say?

Nope. He utilizes the "Republic" scam as an excuse to keep us silent and out of the discussion.
Baird, a six-term congressman, said there needs to be public input on tolling and other issues, but stopped short of embracing a public vote on the contentious crossing project. Baird says he believes in the republic form of government as envisioned by James Madison and other founding fathers instead of a pure democracy.
The problem here is that first, Baird ain't no James Madison and second, using THAT bizarre reasoning, why should government ask us anything at all?

Using the Baird model, taxes should just be imposed. We shouldn't have any say.

Using the Baird model, there shouldn't be any school levies or bonds. We should just be forced to pay whatever government wants.

In fact, why have elections at all? Why go through the fake motions that we are anything approaching a democracy, and just give up any say at all to the totalitarian vision of Congressman Brian Baird?

Here's why, Mr. Baird.

Have you ever heard of Article One, Section One of the Constitution of the State of Washington?

Here. Let me help you with that:
SECTION 1 POLITICAL POWER. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.
Now, I get that Mr. Baird doesn't give a damn about the state constitution. After all, he's a FEDERAL representative, so minor details like the constitution of this STATE aren't going to impact him.

But this ISN'T a FEDERAL issue. This is a STATE issue. And in THIS state, OUR CONSTITUTION SAYS WE HAVE THE SAY.

With all due respect to James Madison, who, if I'm not mistaken, never came out and said:

"When the public of a given area are faced with the largest, by cost, public works project in the history of the Northwestern United States, they should remain silent and be kept silent by a government or group of governments who do not want the people to interfere with their agenda."
I also don't believe he ever came out and said:

"When a group of people will be tasked to pay over $80,000,000 per year on a project, government ought not ask them if they WANT the project government is forcing them to pay for. Government SHOULD, as a matter of "republic" sentiment, just ram the project down their throats, no matter how much it will damage families, individuals or the economies of local communities."
Of course, maybe I missed my poli sci classes when the subject came up, but I don't think so.

Mr. Baird, you cannot hide behind the flimsy facade of "republic" as a reason to keep the people silent on this issue.

You cannot invoke Madison to support your tyranny, and expect those who know better to remain silent.

If you do not come out and demand a vote for us, you can expect to see the wrath of 60,000 plus in the next election. I'm certainly not as educated as Mr. Baird. But I think 60,000 pissed off people, furious because no one in their government listens to THEM or cares about the impacts of this project on them might be JUST enough for you to lose.

Show some guts, Mr. Baird. Defend our right to have a voice. Don't hide, because there's no where you can go where this issue will not confront you. And when you get tied into Obama's abysmal performance, why, you just might need to file for unemployment come January 2011.

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