Thursday, February 05, 2009

President Barack Obama is a liar.

Good God... how long and how often have we heard it? Google the phrase "Republican"and "fear mongering"

Mr. Obama is shilling for a MASSIVE package of union pay offs. EVERY item in this package is designed to strengthen and increase UNION labor. They carried Obama's water like Gunga Din, and they're demanding their pay off in return.

This dung heap, this Generational Indebtedness Act, is no more a stimulus then Barack Obama is qualified to be president. It is absolutely the same waste of money represented by the massive bank fraud known as "TARP" and what has that done for us?

$138 BILLION just to Bank of America?

What a COLOSSAL waste of our precious tax dollars.

And that's the problem the Empty Suited One has. His credibility is sinking by the minute, because he's saying much the same crap now that he was saying then... and except for a new name plaque on the White House... what do we have to show for THAT debacle? And how does this mean Change! we can Believe in!

So, how is he going forward with this massive, unconscionable fraud against the American people?


That's right, he's using the very same tactic so universally reviled by the left when Republicans played that particular card.

The difference?

Leftist hypocrites are remaining silent... because it's their interests getting paid back.

We do NOT need or want the Generational Indebtedness Act. What we want is accountability, and where is that in this massive fraud? What we want is individual responsibility: if you were stupid enough to buy a house that YOU could not afford, why should WE subsidize YOUR bad judgment? Further, why should WE subsidize the bad planning and loans OFFERED by these banks we're so busy bailing out?

Would the reverse be true? If real estate prices were continuing to sky rocket, and banks were continuing to make numerous financial killings; would, for example, the Bank of America have given the Treasury $138 billion this year?

Of course not.

Our failure as a country to apply the personal responsibility rule to those who caused all of this, both at the provider and end user level, is the thing that causes ME the most FEAR.

And the more our lying President shills for this massive waste of money, the more I am convinced that it's a bad deal for all of us... nationalized banks, socialized economies.

I would rather suffer the short, hard pain of allowing these banks and industries to fail at once and get it over with, than suffer the "death of a thousand cuts" that our esteemed, ignorant and continually Empty Suited president has in mind... for all of us.

Obama warns of need for stimulus bill right away

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama warned on Thursday that failure to act on an economic recovery package could plunge the nation into a long-lasting recession that might prove irreversible, a fresh call to a recalcitrant Congress to move quickly.

US President Barack Obama speaks regarding executive compensation in Cross Hall at the White House in Washington, DC. Obama Wednesday clamped a half million dollar cap on pay for executives of stricken finance firms who ask taxpayers "hat in hand" for bailouts, in a new bid to tame Wall Street excess.

(AFP/Saul Loeb)

In an op-ed piece in The Washington Post, the president argued that each day without his stimulus package, Americans lose more jobs, savings and homes. His message came as congressional leaders struggle to control the huge stimulus bill that's been growing larger by the day in the Senate. The addition of a new tax break for homebuyers Wednesday evening sent the price tag well past $900 billion.

Senate Democratic leaders hope for passage of the legislation by Friday at the latest, although prospects appear to hinge on crafting a series of spending reductions that would make the bill more palatable to centrists in both parties.

Obama painted a bleak picture if lawmakers do nothing.

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