Monday, January 05, 2009

Tim Leavitt announces for Mayor: but who cares?


(UPDATE: I have a large number of informational posts about Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, so please read them all.)

I've been watching Leavitt for awhile. I've been watching Pollard since he was running the show at Vancouver Barracks.

The only difference between them appears to be one of age. Leavitt is completely in the pocket of the special interests, like Pollard; totally supportive of the unwanted and unneeded I-5 Bridge replacement with loot rail, like Pollard; and completely opposed to asking us if we want this colossal waste of time, energy and/or money... like Pollard.


None. And because you refuse to put the question to a vote, that makes you the same kind of weasel you would propose to replace.

In this instance, the only question is this: do we want an old weasel or a young weasel?

Where has Leavitt publicly opposed Pollard? How often has Leavitt voted "no" on something Pollard wants?

Folks, there's not a dime's worth of difference between them and both of them stand as an example of the kind of government we deserve.

"Chief" over at has a few hundred well chosen words for Mr. Leavitt... and they're worth a read.

Leavitt to challenge Mayor Pollard

January 5, 2009 4:30 p.m.

Jeff Mize, The Columbian

Vancouver Councilman Tim Leavitt, who has talked about running for mayor for more than two years, made it official Monday.

Mayor Royce Pollard and mayoral candidate Tim Leavitt at an earlier event. (Files/The Columbian)

Leavitt, 37, sent out a brief statement Monday afternoon saying he wants to represent all city residents as Vancouver mayor.

He will face 14-year incumbent Royce Pollard, who said he will run again.

In his statement, Leavitt said "It's time to focus in on the welfare of citizens across all of Vancouver, returning to basics at City Hall."

"As mayor, I will fight for the security and quality of our neighborhoods, trim nonessential spending and taxation and improve the business climate to create more high-paying jobs for Vancouver."

Leavitt was appointed to the seven-person council in 2003 to replace Jim Moeller following the Vancouver Democrat's election to the Washington House.



Chief said...

I share your concerns about Leavitt as Mayor. Someone please list me just five differences between "Rolls" Royce and Tim Leavitt, as demonstrated by Tim Leavitt's voting record on City Council.

Leavitt has been talking out of both sides of his mouth on Light Rail and accountability of Public Officials for a while, and voters are going to see right through it. I don't think he's prepared to take on the Pollard machine, and getting Royce Pollard off of City Council has got to be the goal, or nothing will ever change.

I've been running an informal poll at my place, and there is an amazing amount of support for Shumway NA President Anne McEnerny-Ogle. I personally feel that she is highly qualified to be on City Council, and I hope that she decides to run in some capacity or another. If given the opportunity, I would vote for her in a heartbeat against any of the incumbents, (with the exception of Jeanne Stewart).

In any case, we badly need fresh blood on City Council. The challenge to the local blogosphere is to find as many ways as possible to get new Candidate's messages out to voters here in town. The columbian will never endorse anyone who is not in the pocket of Identity Clark County, or a friend of Royce; so we need to be ready to step up to the plate and do it instead.

We all saw the hatchet job Kathy Dustbin did on local Conservatives and Republicans this last election cycle, and there is no reason to think that the same thing won't happen again this time around. I can pretty well guarantee that the columbian will endorse "Rolls Royce" for another term, and that means they will viciously oppose anyone who dares challenge him, including Tim Leavitt.

We have three or four golden opportunities this year to dramatically change the way the City of Vancouver does business, but we need to find viable candidates to run, and run hard; independent of the columbian.

Just a guy said...

I have nothing to add... you said it all.

Anonymous said...

I must disagree. While politicians, and thus worthy of stereotyping, Leavitt does have a few, but definite, differences from Pollard. (1) Leavitt does not believe that Pearson Air Field, which is used only by about 70 odd people, should control placement of the new I5 bridget which will be used by literally millions.(2) Leavitt is deeply concerned with the sales tax impact on business in downtown vancouver.

Just a guy said...

What Leavitt "believes" concerning the air field is irrelevant. The field isn't going anywhere, and the law is quite clear.

That he supports replacing the bridge under any circumstances, save for structural and an inability for adequate repair, means that his quibble over FAA issues is worthless. It's much like arguing over the paint job on the Titanic after you felt that "bump" in the ice berg field.

It is certainly no reason to support him.

As for his "deep" concern over over the sales tax impact, the question I have is this:

What has he done about it?

No one is going to care about his "concerns," which are not particularly verifiable and which have not been put into action.

I never meant that they're a mirror image. But on the major issues confronting us, they're the Bobbsey Twins.

And as a result, unless a viable alternative to their outmoded, wholly in the pocket of the downtown mafia positions comes forward, Pollard wins... easily.

Anonymous said...

Nice- why don't you yayhooz come up with a solution instead of bashing someone that is trying? No wonder you live where you do.

Just a guy said...

No wonder I live in Brush Prairie?

It isn't MY job to come up with solutions... it's Leavitt's job.

Repackaging the current leadership that would not be markedly different if Leavitt replaced them is a wasted exercise.