Thursday, January 29, 2009

The impacts of the new Geithner Paradigm.

We’ve all heard about our new Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner. But to recap, Mr. Geithner failed to pay his taxes in the amount of something on the order of $42,000 in back taxes, penalties and fees; accepted funds from his former employer to actually PAY those taxes, only to pocket that money… and then, hired an illegal alien.

That you or I would be in serious trouble if we did any one of those things; that you or I would most likely have been “Borked” had we done any of those things, or that Geithner would have been scalped had he been possessed of an “R” after his name are facts that amount to a given.

We know all of this already. And that, believe it or not, isn’t the reason for this post.

The question that forms the basis for this post is this:

Now that Timothy Giethner has gotten away with ripping off the agency he runs by only paying 2 of the 4 years worth of taxes, penalties and fees that you or I would be on the hook for (jail time, a high cost extra) how will the impact of his deliberate violation of the law effect the rest of us generally, and other government officials violating the law specifically?

How far should the “honest mistake” defense take us? Looks like it’s good for hiring illegal aliens and stiffing your employer by pocketing the cash given to you for that specific purpose.

There is precedent for this. At the end of World War 2, the democrat Truman Administration employed vast numbers of Nazis in intelligence and the sciences. Many of those people were only guilty of war crimes, making Geithner’s willful violation of the law minor in comparison.

The idea that we simply couldn’t do without Geithner is a rank joke, of course. Geithner was asleep at the switch while he ran the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and was a major player in the essentially criminal rescue of Bear Sterns , as well as AIG and the tens of billions of OUR dollars to keep those corrupt operations afloat.

The last person we need as Treasurer of the United States is someone that will facilitate the continuing Obama idiocy known as bailouts. But even moronic Republicans like Orin Hatch seem to think that we HAVE to have this guy… when clearly, we don’t.

Again, this background begs the question: Can you commit a felony against the IRS and get a job as a result? Can you defraud an employer and not have that count against you, just the tiniest bit, when you are up for one of the most important positions in government today?


So, how will this effect the other corrupt politicians? How about democrat former Congressman William “Cold Cash” Jefferson? Was the $90,000 in his freezer an “honest mistake?” How about impeached democrat former Governor Rod Blagojevich? Were his phone conversations simply misunderstood “honest mistakes?”

In short, why did Geithner get a pass for deliberately shattering our laws… while these two get racked up?

Why the double standard?

And what about future double standards to come, as more and more of our corrupt politicians surface? How many of them will be able to employ the “honest mistake” defense?

Time will tell. But the ramifications of appointing this scumbag to this position casts a shadow, not only over the Obama Administration, but the entire United States.


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