Sunday, April 24, 2005

From the Right Corner: Why a toll on a new I-5 Bridge is a stupid idea - Rep. Deb Wallace's Loot Rail boondoggle.

Look, we all know that democrats and Identity Vancouver salivate at the idea of ramming Loot Rail down our collective throats here in Clark County.

That’s the whole idea of the latest colossal waste of money, Rep. Deb Wallace’s $50 to $88 million dollar initial boondoggle on the I-5 Bridge.

Terry Schiavo would know that replacing the I-5 Bridge without eliminating the Delta Park Bottleneck would be a colossal waste of money. We also know that since Wallace is a democrat, she’s incapable of giving a damn about wasting money. They wasted so much money in this legislative session that they tacked on a mere $800 million in excess taxes (and kids, by the way… that’s roughly $130 tax increase for each of us… every man, woman and child in this state) that they’ve proven themselves incapable of caring about OPM.

That said, the main thrust of Wallace’s bridge replacement boondoggle isn’t to do what it should do (which is, frankly, to move more truck and car traffic…) Nope… it’s to put a Loot Rail capability on the Bridge so the downtown leftists can get their multi-billion dollar boondoggle in place!

And that’s only the FIRST stupid reason to put a toll on the bridge.

The SECOND stupid reason to put a toll on the Bridge is that it’s the WRONG BRIDGE!

We do NOT need the I-5 Bridge to be replaced. Instead, we need another bridge altogether, located in either the Camas or Ridgefield areas. Eventually, we will have to have one in BOTH locations, but Camas should probably be first.

ANY money spent on replacing the I-5 Bridge is a WASTE of money… And reason enough right there to vote no on any gas tax increase.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Richard Curtis went along with the transportation vote.

I guess providing jobs and needed transportation funding is a bi-partisan goal after all.

Next time, when you're driving up in Seattle on the new earthquake proof Alaskan Way Viaduct, you can think legislators such as Curtis and Wallace.

Anonymous said...

Government cannot PROVIDE JOBS anonymous. Private companies provide jobs.

Any legislator that went forward and increased taxes is going to have a HELL of a time getting re-elected. Mark my word.

Vancouver is making it more increasingly clear that they don't want us to drive, just like Portland.

Just a guy said...

So.... roughly HALF the money raised by this statewide tax should go to Seattle?

Curtis could easily have been a "no," but the very real threat to remove the projects was, apparently, enough to push him over the edge.

Rep. Curtis had his reasons, among them a very real fear that the democrats would pull the projects if he voted no... and we'd wind up paying this gas tax and getting nothing to show for it.

That said, I agree with brent: government's duty is NOT to provide jobs: government's duty is to provide a business climate where jobs are developed by the private sector.

Further, the cowardly act of putting an emergency clause on this bill to shut down the possibility of the People of this state (God forbid that the People should actually have any direct say on this matter) getting rid of this tax... which is, after all, our RIGHT, is inexcusable.

It is, however, indicative of the bizarre positions the ultra-leftists love to impose upon us.

They demand that we be pro-choice in abortion issues, but are just as steadfastly AGAINST our ability to use choice when it comes to repealing their taxes... repealing I-601... and a variety of other bills passed with equally unnecessary emergency clauses... all to deny the People the right to redress.