Monday, April 25, 2005

From the Right Corner: Curtis and the Gas Tax Increase.

By now, anyone reading this blog for more than 60 seconds knows my position on the gas tax increase.

Typically, I would blast anyone who supports such an increase. In this instance, however… I can’t quite be so black and white about the issue.

The logic of the situation appeals to me. They had the votes to get this passed. If it passes and Curtis is a “no,” we get nothing, and our 9.5 cents ALL goes to Seattle.

If it passes and Curtis is a “yes,” then at least SOME of that increase stays here and at least some of those 9.5 cents do NOT go to Seattle.

Folks… I’m FROM Seattle and I’m here to tell you: Seattle is a GREAT place… to be from.

So… there we have it. I imagine a bunch of folks are a little upset at Rep. Curtis. At first, I was as well.

But given the circumstances, the idea that Curtis would risk losing these projects to protect a policy of never voting for ANY tax increase simply doesn’t make sense to me.

I remain opposed to increasing the gas tax for reasons previously stated. But I also understand why Curtis did what he did and I can live with that.


Anonymous said...

I still have to disagree with you, at least partly although I understand the point you're making. But out of principle, I'll blast anyone that supports any increase in taxes. PARTICULARLY the gas tax. There isn't a more non-voluntary tax out there. Whether you ride your bike or drive, there isn't another tax that hits more people because of the goods and services everyone needs and want.

If Curtis voted no and we got nothing, Republicans would be much better off come election time. How better to show how evil and nasty the left wing liberal democrats are than to have them force US to pay for THEIR programs in Seattle, and we get nothing in return. I would have loved that for an issue.

Just a guy said...

I dunno, brent... that's a tough one.

Your stand is based on what I consider to be an admirable principle. Yet...

I own 3 full size broncos. One of them was a federal bronco, and that puppy has a 33 gallon fuel tank.

Right now, it's my daily driver, (tho I am looking for a smaller car) so I am critically aware of these costs. In the end, I'll be paying around $2.50 per tank more... and I'm NOT happy about that.

But, on the other hand, I would be even LESS happy about it if this area saw nothing in return for that money. I'd be even less happier then that knowing that all of that money was going to Seattle.

When you say "Republicans would be much better off come election time," I have to ask, "why is that?"

Compared to the increases we're going to pay for the general budget, the gas tax is chump change.

Even Sen. Pridemore has admitted that the general fund budget was balanced "on the backs of the poor and powerless."

To me, THAT issue will resonate a great deal more then the gas tax issue. In fact, you can bet that local democrats are going to be seeing THAT phrase a lot.... over and over.

I believe Republicans cannot simply be the "Party of No!" We have to do better. We have to do more. And we cannot allow all tax revenues to migrate to Seattle.

If we cannot beat the democrats on the "poor and powerless" issue, we don't deserve to win anyway.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a tax increase that I like. I'm happy to be part of the part of the "Party of No Tax Increases". I just always hear of taxes going up, not down. Eliminate I-601, Gas tax increase, sales tax increase, bridge tolls, max trains, property tax increase for parks, etc, etc, etc.

If the rest of the state can point and say "hey, these democrats are charging the entire state for their pet projects in Seattle", I think we have a huge issue. King County has such a bad rap right now concerning the election, we *must* take advantage of it. They are piling it on as much as they can. Give us the highest gas taxes in the country. Point out that King County runs the entire state. Get the state to run everything and charge us for it. Make things real bad here and let everyone know what party is responsible for it.

Then hopefully we will see the turning point back to responsible Republican control (if we can get a fair election!). We have not reached the turning point yet I don't think. Things need to get worse before they will get better.

Anonymous said...

Joe Zarelli voted for the transportation bill as well.

As to government not creating jobs, that's true, what I meant is that a transportation bill creates the infrastructure that business uses to create jobs.

Curtis and Zarelli are in absolutely no trouble in the 18th LD. That's a fact you can take to the bank. I actually find their occasional acts of bi-partisanship admirable, almost providing a new brand of Republicanism that transcends "No new taxes!!".

Unless you drink hard liquor or smoke heavily, you won't see much of any tax increase.