Wednesday, March 25, 2020

OK, geniuses, come up with a better idea(s).

Up to this point, I have been supporting Congressional efforts to provide financial relief as a result of the impacts of the Chinese virus, AKA Kung Flu, AKA COVID-19, AKA Wuhan Virus, etc.

As a result of that support, right wingers have accused me of everything up to and including becoming a socialist.

What NONE of them have been able to do is come up with ANY viable alternative.

I spent 6 years on Legislative staff in Olympia. I was frequently met with complaints about what was going on in Sodom-on-Sound.

What I was rarely met with were viable alternatives.

Over the years, I'm learned that anyone can complain. It's easy. I've certainly done it myself.

But when *I* do it, I have alternatives to what's being done. I have the same thing I demand from others: Viable alternatives.

What those on the far right are doing is complaining incessantly. All of this, you see, makes them feel both better and superior.

"Our rights are disappearing. We shouldn't be spending a dime on bail-outs. We're becoming slaves. This is all fake. It's an excuse for government over reach. You're a statist boot-licker."


OK, says I.... come up with better ideas.

Many of these coalflakes have no idea what else to do. Cryptic responses to this challenge will typically go like this:

Consider not begging government. Go home, pray, read the bible. That sort of thing.

Oh, yeah, and by the way, another anti-vaxxer steps up and claims "high doses of vitamin C will fix all of this."

Apparently, the now-dead doctors who've been treating this have been completely unaware that the internet generally and facebook particularly contained such high levels of medical genius from people who have no more of any idea about what they cut and paste than they do how to perform an abdominal resection.

So, here's the thing. Thousands have died around the world from this disease. Tens of thousands more are likely to, 738 died in Italy along just yesterday.

I make the following request from the naysayers:

When you get any kind of aid from any government source related to this situation, reject it.

If you or your family get a check of any kind, tear it up.

If they develop a vaccine effective against this virus, refuse it and refuse any medical treatment that you would otherwise need as a result.

Document your efforts to walk the walk. Take pictures of the shredded check(s). Take pictures/video of you refusing any medical treatment.

And if you're going to whine, bitch, moan and complain.... without coming up with realistic, viable, working alternatives?

Then spare us. You're just becoming background noise anyway.

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