Thursday, January 10, 2019

Another vote, another betrayal by Herrera. Think she's running for governor?

As regular readers know, Jaime Herrera has betrayed the GOP on at least two major issues, voting to continue Obamacare in the face of overwhelming Republican opposition after voting repeatedly to end it when it didn't matter because Obama was still in office and throwing in with the leftists to attack Candidate Trump when she hooked up with leftist Senators Murray and Cantwell to trash him.

Herrera's hatred and disdain for the president is public.  It is oft shown and illustrated.

Yesterday,  she once again jammed a stick in the eye of both the president and the GOP by voting AGAINST the REPUBLICAN President she's made clear she despises AND the GOP by joining with all of the democrats and 7 other RINOs to reopen government.

Because clearly, Herrera doesn't care about border security, illegal alien crime or costs and the dead Americans they're piling up as a result.  Would she have voted this way if one of her family members had been slaughtered by an illegal?

How many of us have to die before Herrera figures it?

Is it any wonder she got clobbered in Clark County in this last election?  Did she learn nothing by her almost-defeat?

Of course, if she wants to put together a "progressive" voting record to appeal to Puget Sound while she runs for some other office in 2 years, say, "governor" (The current version is kinda, well, shaky) she might be suffering from delusions that this sort of "screw-you" vote will matter.

It won't.

Here's the vote record, that speaks for itself:

This is what betrayal looks like.

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