Wednesday, November 14, 2018

More spurious claims by Druggy Dave

As expected, the outcomes here locally resulted in a "Hooray For ME!" letter pumped out by the soon-to-be-politically-late-and-unlamented-Chair of the local GOP, Druggy Dave.  I have to wonder if he wrote it, you understand, because typically he's shown a lack of ability in the realm of spelling/grammar checkers and this product seems a great deal more polished than usual, even if it's a great deal more false.

Revisionist history and false claims like those within this email?

Simply cannot go unchallenged:
Thank you! We had some huge successes in Clark County, including:
Retaining all of our Republican state legislator seats in Clark County;
Keeping 4 out of 5 county council seats as well as all Republican held seats throughout the county;
Holding the third congressional seat, re-electing Jaime Herrera Beutler;
Forcing the “blue wave’ to crash hard on the rocks in Clark County!
Yes, the seats where Republican legislators had been elected remained Republican.  Even the utterly worthless Larry Hoff managed to avoid the embarrassment of losing, although it would seem that 2000 or so voters actually voted for Brandon Vick... and then voted for Hoff's democrat opponent.

Why do you suppose that is?

But let's be excruciatingly exact and remind those reading this that the democrats who were elected before November 6 ALSO remained elected.  This guy failed to field candidates in the 49th, and made zero effort to run a Republican for county treasurer.  The reality is that with the loss of Jeannie Stewart, the local GOP managed a -1 record in this election here locally, and they managed to LOSE Clark County for our do-nothing Congresswoman.

In short, the Clark County GOP, AT BEST, accomplished nothing.

At worst, for the first time ever, the congresswoman "representing" Clark County LOST this county.  She was not reelected because of any outcome here: clearly, if it was not for the other 8 counties in her district, this would be chalked up as yet another in the series of local GOP disasters.

As expected, then, the local GOP, in reality, can't claim credit for any of these outcomes.

The idea that failing to take any democrat seats from anyone somehow equates to success?  Well, that simply goes to show how brain-damaged Druggy Dave seems to be.

There is only one question that determines whether a party organization is successful or not: did they win any seats away from the other party?

Well, the democrats are now plus one with the election of their little hate muffin, Temple Lentz.  And naturally, Druggy Dave then proceeds to try and make the effort to explain that loss away:
A very special thank you to Jeanne Stewart who has served Clark County well for several years. Jeanne was placed in a redistricted seat in the most liberal part of Clark County and she still fought for us all the way through. While not winning reelection, we can all appreciate her willingness to fight for us. 
A loss is a loss.  When you go around taking credit for the wins, then how is it you avoid any responsibility for the losses?

You don't.

And then, this:
Congrats to our new Republican County Chair, Eileen Quiring - we will soon be selecting a new replacement to take her previous position on the council.
If anyone actually won their election in SPITE of the local party instead of BECAUSE of the local party, it was Eileen Quiring.

As in 2015, the RINO former party chairs opposed the Republicans running for county chair.

In 2015, along with whack-job Carolyn Crain, those RINO former chairs coalesced around non-Republican Marc Boldt, cementing their historical hatred of conservatives, even though at least one, Ann Donnelly, continues to lie by claiming SHE is a "conservative."

In 2015, five of these lowlifes sent out publicized letters rallying the RINOs to vote for Boldt, who had been first thrown out of the local GOP for becoming a democrat and second, who had ditched the GOP all together and was no longer in the Party.

Crain's hatred of conservatives continued in the most recent election as she CONTINUED to support Boldt, who had been the disaster I expected him to be as council chair, even though a Republican was actually ON this ballot.  Three of the five who had endorsed Boldt in 2015 CONTINUED to support Boldt THIS time... so it wasn't just Crain... it was 3 former Party Chairs who were supporting a non-Republican: Donnelly, Ferris and Boger.  I'm given to understand by one of them that they would, in fact, vote for Quiring, post primary.  But then, having trashed Holt in 2016, they're left with little choice.

The problem?  Like "early money" in campaigns, "early endorsements" are worth the most... if they're worth anything at all.

At least up until the primary, these three former Party Chairs did everything they could to get Boldt elected.  And how did that help Quiring?

So, yeah... Quiring was elected.  But not through any effort on the part of the local GOP.

Davey babbles on:
Thank you to the Clark County Republican Central Committee for endorsing and supporting our great Republicans candidates in 2018. 
Is that what happened?  I think not.  I think many at the top didn't support our Candidates.  I think many candidates were only endorsed as a result of a group-think exercise that occurred after only a very few candidates were endorsed individually.

As I pointed out, before the primary, many of these same idiots were supporting Boldt and working against Quiring.

Has Davey forgotten that?

Nah.  He's just ignoring it.  Doesn't fit in the meme, so we just won't mention it.

And, of course, Davey remains fixated on the idiotic expenditure of funds on SIGNS instead of on CAMPAIGNS, worthless signs that he continues to lie about:
Our successful Be Bold campaign which spread throughout much of the state gave us yet another reason to be thankful. 
"Spread throughout much of the state?"

Here's the thing: I've been all over the state as a part of my Vietnam Veterans of America gig.

You know what I never saw ANYWHERE?

Anything approaching any of those idiotic signs.

"Throughout?"  How come "throughout" didn't include anywhere they could be seen?  Throughout the I-5 corridor to Snohomish?  I-90 to Post Falls?  HiWay 395 from Umitilla to Spokane?  HiWay 2 from I-5 to Leavenworth to Ellensburg?  US-97, SR 281 to Wenatchee?  WA14 to Yakima?


Continuing to lie about the impact of these signs overlooks the outcomes: which were among the closest in the last decade, would tend to show that, in fact, the signs were meaningless.  In fact, this seems to be the best-kept secret in politics and lying about it won't change it.

Much like this nonsensical letter from Davey.

One of his many issues as I see it is his repeated attempts to manipulate actual reality into his version.  But all too frequently, that version of reality bears no resemblance to actual reality.

Failing to understand and come to grips with the multiple failures of the local party merely encourages more incompetence wrapped around egos as we move on into the post Gellatly Cult future.

The outcomes around here were not particularly the result of anything the Republicans did in Clark County.  They were more the result of individual campaign efforts that managed, finally, to tap into the anger brought about by episodes like the Kavanaugh hearing, the attacks on Republican figures in social settings and finally, an awareness that Clark County is not King County.

Being a narcissist, it's not surprising that Davey takes all the credit for these outcomes and that he ignores the actual reality of the situation, which is something less than idea.

Davey has surrounded himself with "worshipers" and he excludes anyone who doesn't go along with his twisted view... particularly those who see this as a path to power... like Mattilla and Jesser.

Davey, for example, used to trash Crain to me, personally.  Sort of a political version of Harvey Weinstein minus the sex. Crain is well aware that Davey is a scumbag who attacked her behind her back but she doesn't care because power is more important than integrity.  Getting her own way is everything to her... no matter how many bodies she steps on in the process.

The party is a wreck, financially and strategically.  PCOs and candidates who are actually conservative are trashed in every way, including by slimeballs like Matilla who has trashed us in PCO meetings.

Davey and his cult shattered it.  Davey felt compelled to be used as a tool to try and shut us up by allowing someone to PAY for a lawsuit he filed AGAINST A PCO.

He has an interesting criminal record, and interesting history of attacking and threatening those he disagrees with... and an interesting way of revisionist history when it comes to what happened... and why.

In fact, based on outcomes of THIS election, the LAST GOP organization was superior to this one in about every measurable way.

As we head into reorg, the question is this:  do we continue for another two years of incompetence, lies, and arrogant narcissism?

Because that's what we're going to get if anyone connected to the Gellatly Regime in any manner is given any position of responsibility within the party in the next two years... precisely like the cancer of the soon-to-be-over Gellatly Regime.

And Davey... "God Bless?"

That's the biggest and most obvious hypocrisy yet.  Whoever wrote this thing for Davey must be aware that the only relationship he has with God is political.  And frankly, I don't believe He does political.

I will be at the EBoard meeting tonight where it's likely a serious effort will be made by this same slimeball to keep me from being seated as a PCO as he attempts to weaponize the bylaws to make that happen.

His motivation is payback because I have been among the leading voices calling him and his enablers out for their stupidity and incompetence.  When he typically lies, I've been there to typically hold him accountable.

And if he hates anything, he hates accountability.

I'll keep you posted as to how this all goes.

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