Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Local GOP: regardless of the outcome, they'll...

I wrote this before the election... just forgot to schedule it.

Those even remotely involved in local GOP politics are well aware that the last two years have been an abysmal disaster and the first thing we PCO's need to do is to erase any trace of any of them from party leadership.

Two years of trashing conservatives.  Two years of attacks, defamation (ironic when you consider that idiotic lawsuit Druggy Dave filed) threats, efforts to keep conservatives from any involvement in the party (aka "trespassing" certain people, including yours truly... as if they could actually do that) efforts to keep anyone they disagree with from being seated even if duly elected (again, me, for example) threats and the like and a horrific attack on conservative PCO's by the scum of the earth running the party now.

It's a shame that Gellatly and Mattila have no honor, integrity or decency.  It's a shame that Jesser would sell her soul to be able to make that cocktail GOP thing her sole focus. It's not surprising that Crain would be their spear-holder.

All of them have lied to protect they see as their power.  Mattila even has delusions of getting elected to national delegate so he can continue to lord it over everyone that he was the only Washington delegate for Trump... which doesn't make him any less of a scumbag.

So, here's the thing:  If the GOP does well (and I expect the GOP should do OK...even lowlife sock puppets like Hoff, whom I personally wouldn't allow to run an elevator for me, for example) the Cult will take all the credit.

They'll claim their signs, which were and are a colossal waste of money and time, Gellatly's constant bullshit about how great they are and how other counties and the state GOP wanting them and all that crap notwithstanding, made some sort of difference.

Well, historically, that's not true.

For example, in every race former State Senator Don Benton ever ran, he out-signed his opponent... usually, 2 to 1.  If the sign scam worked, in addition to his state senator role, he would have been elected to Congress, the US Senate and what was it, county assessor or something?

But he wasn't.  And signs that spout something vague and idiotic typically don't get it done.

That Gellatly takes credit for a larger turnout goes to his rampant narcissism and not to any political strategy, save for coming up with the signs as an excuse to fail to fund any candidates.

If things don't go as well as they should, Gellatly and his Cult of enablers, including Mattila, Jesser, Crain and Donnelly and a series of others will blame those opposed to the damage they've caused and our efforts to put a stop to it.

Yes, ladies and germs, it will be ALL OUR FAULT.  Because even though Gellatly knows as much about politics as he does sobriety, he is incapable of fault... like Der Fuhrer in the bunker he likes to inadvertently emulate.

I voted all Republican in this election.  I wrote in several Republicans including the Congressional race and the 18th District races, county auditor and the like.

But the reality is clear: the outcomes here were not impacted by signs.  But that won't stop them from telling us that waste of money was behind all of the success the GOP had, whatever that may be.

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