Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekly Jake Browning review.

OK.  This past game against Arizona State was a major improvement over past games.

With the exception of a late second quarter (1:35 to go) 3 and out where Jake threw two really stupid passes, one to each sideline that were DOA before they left his hand, he played a much more solid game against a team that stunned the Dawgs in Tempe last year.

Improved play by the offensive line held ASU to a single sack and managed to get the running game opened up.

Jake had his first game without an interception this year, at 15/22, (68.2%) 202 yards and 3 Touchdowns... now 7 TD's and 4 INTs.

Gaskin and Ahmed kept ASU honest, combining for 157 yards.

The defense was very strong.  They had some issues with ASU's running game, allowing a 104 yard game by Eno Benjamin, but we had a turnover from him when we needed it.

It was a solid, if not spectacular game where Washington, favored by 18, won by 7... and fell out of the top ten (#11) as a result.

Next week, it's BYU in Seattle.  Again, the Huskies are about the same favorites over BYU as they were over ASU (17 vs 18)

Does that mean Washington will win by 7?

Jake had his best game.  If he continues to produce like this... decisive... focused, in command, hitting passes with a tiny window like his pass to Cade Otten (Who had a great game as a tight end) at the very far right edge of the end zone where there was about 1 square foot that made that ball catchable (11:10 4th quarter)... then the Dawgs can do very, very well this year.

Jake is showing substantial improvement.  Good for him... and good for the Dawgs.

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