Thursday, August 09, 2018

Marc Boldt was bound to lose.

He went out with a whimper.

The writing was on the wall from the moment the PDC hammered him by banning him from running his own campaign finance records.

But of course, the moment he was elected, he became everything he had been that got him thrown out of office in 2012.

For any tax increase.  For any government expansion.  For any fee increase.

And, of course, for the horror of the unneeded, unwanted and unaffordable loot rail project known as the CRC.

It became clear to me when, as council chair, he raised next to nothing in campaign donations.  Those who put him up to this insanity last time knew he stood no chance with a Republican actually ON the ballot as opposed to a write-in candidacy.

For THE head guy of Clark County government to raise only $17,725 was sad and pathetic.  He raised almost 3 times that much in 2015.

That sent a loud and clear message.

Even his RINO friends  who abandoned the GOP both this election and last... the 5 past GOP chairs and their sock puppet Carolyn Crain's fake Republican PAC couldn't even begin to make up for his tin-eared cluelessness.

Clearly, the reason he won last election was based on Jeannie Stewart splitting the conservative vote.  That was the Wilson's plan all along, implemented by their sockpuppet Steve Nelson... and those 3 are the ones most responsible for Hoff's disgraceful defeat in the primary... which was as foreseeable as sunrise.

As it turns out, Boldt was a tool.  A tool used by leftists to further their own aims... their own agenda.  Did he realize it?


Leftists like Betty Sue Morris and Jimmy Mains kept Marc from seeing and understanding the truth.

Boldt had a name and a title of state representative.  The RINO clique's letter asked us to literally ignore Boldt's actual voting record as a commissioner and elect him for more of the same.

Former Republican chairs endorse Boldt for county chair
Sep 16, 2015   
We former Chairs of the Clark County Republican Central Committee endorse Marc Boldt for Council Chair. Taken together, our leadership of the GOP in Clark County extends from the 1980s to the present decade. We are well acquainted with the character, experience, and track record of Marc Boldt. Our familiarity with Marc was first as a colleague working on campaigns, then as a candidate for office and popular State Representative, and then as county commissioner. 
While we don’t individually endorse all of his votes during that very long period of his service, and some of them concern several of us, we value Marc’s character, collegial temperament, ability to listen as well as to lead, and maturity in addressing different points of view. Furthermore, his perspective as a farmer, truck driver, and small business leader is essential on our council. 
We are concerned that the write-in campaign for another Republican will lead to the election of the inexperienced Democrat. We believe the Democratic candidate’s election will not lead to optimum economic growth in our county and we therefore believe Marc Boldt is the best choice for council chair. We ask voters of both parties and independents to select Marc Boldt for council chair. 
Ron Rasmussen, Sr., Vancouver
Ann Donnelly, Vancouver
Mike Gaston, Vancouver
Margie Ferris, Vancouver
Brent Boger, Washougal

Most of, if not all five of these people are CURRENT Republican PCO's.  Now, they will want all of the rest of us to work our asses off to get fellow RINOs like Hoff and Herrera elected.  They, no doubt, will appeal to party loyalty and all that.... you know, the same thing they ignore whenever THEY feel like it?

Those paying attention realize that Boldt was in WAY over his head, that he had no vision, no clue, no plan and no idea what the hell he was doing.

And when these political scum wrote: We are concerned that the write-in campaign for another Republican will lead to the election of the inexperienced Democrat.

What they REALLY meant was "We are concerned that the write-in campaign for another Republican will lead to the election of a conservative."

And they simply could not have that, given their hatred of conservatives.

How do I know that?

Simple: as of now, NONE of THESE 4 remaining political scum have endorsed Eileen Quiring for Council Chair.

Now.... why is that?

It's not like Eileen is a rookie.  It's not like she, too, hasn't been a state representative or a council member herself.  It's not like she isn't a Republican.  But it IS like she's a conservative.

The RINOs coalesced around Boldt in 2015.  This time, with a Republican on the ballot and a record of governance that leftists like Jim Moeller could envy, he never stood a chance.

And you can bet that Jimmy Mains never told him that.

What a sad, sorry end to a political career that began with such promise... such integrity and humility... and ended with such callousness and arrogance.

The abysmal outcomes in this primary election are due to many factors... from incompetent leadership of the party organization to arrogance and ineptitude on the part of the candidates... and incumbents... themselves.

Boldt has no one to blame but himself.

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