Monday, July 09, 2018

Supreme Court selection: democrats are ready with their fake news and false allegations.

Here's the thing: there really isn't any realistic choice for this seat that the leftists would go along with.

But strategically, they've politically killed off Conservative candidates for office with RINO help and they're likely going to try to do it again.

Will it be false allegations of plagiarism?  You know, the kind Joe Biden engaged in that cost him his shot at the presidency back in the day ('87, was it?)

Will it be fake allegations of sexual misconduct like the crap they made up against Roy Moore?

Will it be financial impropriety?  Domestic violence?  Felony parking tickets?

It's been shown already that they'll oppose anyone the President chooses because they hate the man and would gladly see the destruction of this country come to fruition by their opposition to everything he does... or tries to do... as opposed to treating this Supreme Court nominee the way the GOP treated nominees when THEY were in the minority.

What was Bader-Ginsburg's confirmation numbers again?  Oh, yeah.... 96 to 3.  The worst, most biased and incompetent Justice the Court has ever known in modern times.

But there's no chance of the leftists and the RINOs doing that here... nope.

They will cheerfully join together to try and lynch the nominee, whoever they may be (Though it would be a tad bit awkward if it were  Judge Amy Coney Barrett for example.)  because the left and the RINOs hate the president equally.

Who do I think it will be?  I have no more clue than anyone else... and most everyone else is merely engaging in speculation.

As much as the RINOs hate it, however, I hope that the ultimate choice is a conservation and a strict constructionist, who sees the words in the Constitution and applies them as they are written, instead of applying phantom, nonexistent principles and writing about concepts that simply do not legally exist.

Will that happen?  Will the left and the RINOs be successful in thwarting the President's expressed desire while attempting to again engage in the politics of personal destruction with outright fiction?

Would you be surprised if they didn't? After all, they've been successful at it before and in football, you do keep running the same play until the other side figures out a way to stop it.

I expect that this battle will again show the worst that politics has to offer.  The media will pound whoever the nominee is, because, well, hell, they report like the DNC was paying them by the word.

There will be the usual demonstrations, maybe even riots.  The talking heads will be as insane now as they were 2 years ago and they will do all they can to damage both the President AND the nominee.

The left want it this way because they, wrongly I believe, see the Senate as flipping in the general election.

They think they can force Mr. Trump to withdraw this nominee and replace them with another leftist, just to get someone through.

I don't think so.  But even if that were the case, or the leftists refused to confirm ANYONE Mr. Trump nominated, the end result would still be a 5-3 majority.

Don't set your expectations to terribly high.  That way, you won't be all that disappointed.

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