Friday, July 13, 2018

Democratian: Southwest Washington officials were dismayed Wednesday to learn that the Portland City Council is pushing for immediate tolls

Wow.  Color me shocked.

There's a certain rather delicious irony that these same officials who did their very, very best to screw us sideways on the soon-to-be-once-again-dead CRC scam are "dismayed" that the neo-communists of Portland would treat THEM the same way THEY treated US.

Imagine.  All those elected people and appointed staffers who had one goal in mind: ignore the people of this community and ram an unneeded, unwanted, unaffordable bridge scam down our throats only to follow that up with the waste of additional billions to scam us on loot rail.

How sweet is it that these same "dismayed" officials find themselves EXACTLY where we were  but a few short years ago.

Ignored.  Belittled. Unappreciated and uncared about.  Frequently attacked by elected officials and the media for our opposition.  Who, for example, can forget former democratian editorial page editor John "Fat Boy" Laird calling opponents "cockroaches?"

Gotta wonder if the ODOT group, which was going to screw the people of SW Washington regardless of anything people from this side of the river did or said, have a memo floating around not unlike the memo that outlined how to keep the people from interfering with the CTran/CRC/Loot Rail Scam.

Oregon will do whatever they want, because our less than worthless congresswoman can't seem to do anything about it, and any solution MUST be federal.

But for OUR officials to be "dismayed" over the treatment they've received... considering it's EXACTLY the same thing many of these same people did to US back when it mattered?

I wonder how THEY like it as they once again see their CRC scam going up in smoke?

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