Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Thoughts on the Trump/Un meeting.

Well, for most on the left, it was a joke, a scam, worthless, a waste of time.

But if Mr. Trump found a cure for cancer, those same hating clowns would complain about the shape of the test tubes he used, and then try and correct everyone into thinking that in reality, it was OBAMA who discovered the cure, Mr. Trump was just taking credit for it.

To the left, no matter what President Trump does, it's wrong.  Trump's handling of the Korea situation was, just a few short weeks ago, going to result in all-out war, most likely nuclear, and at a minimum, millions were going to be killed on the Korean Peninsula all as a direct result of Mr. Trump's efforts to denuclearize the north.

How's that working out for these same, smug, know-it-alls who frequently GUARANTEED to us all Mr. Trump would NEVER be elected president?  (YouTube is full of them telling us that)

To the left, no matter what anyone on the right does, it's wrong... unless, of course, you're a RINO and you do what they want.  Then you get endorsed by the Young Democrats.

For many on the right, Singapore was the Second Coming.  Those who support this country are so used to the media trashing both that almost any piece of paper coming out of this meeting is akin to V-J Day.

Here's the reality: nothing, as yet, has happened.  Let's engage in sober reflection here, shall we?

To this point, the NorK dictator has come across like a full-blown whack job.  He keeps his people at a starvation level of food, has several concentration camp-like facilities that he keeps full of his own people... and has been known to have anyone perceived as a threat, or who has slighted him in some way, both real or imagined, executed in intriguing ways... such as tying them over the end of a barrel of an anti-aircraft and then putting a few rounds down range.

It's not called the "Hermit Kingdom" for nothing; as recently as yesterday, his own people had no idea he was meeting with Mr. Trump.  As far as I know, they still have no idea.

But all of that aside, the media had no idea where to set the bar, so they set it on springs.

If something that could have been viewed as positive came out of it, then obviously, it was meaningless, Mr. Trump got hosed, and we got taken, we were screwed because the president is an idiot.

If it was something that could have been viewed as "negative," then the president and the president alone would own it.  They would beat him to death with it and never let us forget it.

Think the democratian's massively biased, hate-filled screed of coverage of David Madore.

That's the leftist play.  In this situation, nothing, really, happened beyond the meeting itself and a subsequent suspension of war games in the region.

What the NorK's had to do to get that is still unknown.

Depending on the leftist show, nothing happened; something happened but it's not important and Mr. Trump still came out of it as a moron.

FOXNews has had talking heads that take a more inclusive view, at least on the surface: I saw a snippet where former democrat Defense Secretary Leon Panetta mention... or complain... or something that "The president has no plan."

How does Panetta know?  He doesn't.  But he's a democrat and he's going to make an affirmative statement of which he has zero knowledge and then attempt to get the White House to address/deny his claim.

Mr. Trump may have a dozen plans.  He may have none, to be sure.  But except to reduce the level of confidence in this effort, why would a leftist say that?

We are told that, ultimately, denuclearization is the only acceptable outcome of this.  And that's a fine goal to have.

But it's not a goal that can be achieved overnight under the best of circumstances.

KJU is subject to getting chopped into sushi at any moment.  He is the very model of a modern cult of personality who has shown a stunning level of political cunning that is difficult to compare to any others, except, perhaps the Soviet model.

Un cannot be under or over estimated.  Presumably, there are a wide variety of psychological profilers who have looked this guy over.  But how much humint is available?

We do know he has had family members, ex-girl friends, generals, government ministers and the like executed in various ways... some rather gruesome. He is absolute power, corrupted absolutely.

It's likely that for 99.9999% of this guy's life, he's not had the word "no" provided as an answer to any type of "do" question; as in, can I "do" X?

The loyalty to him that has kept him alive to this point is not, I believe, what most people would think of as "loyalty" per se'.

One factor is that these people simply don't know how bad they've got it.  As a result, it's difficult for those same people to envision anything better than what they've got now.

It wasn't that long ago that a NorK border soldier defected.
South Korean trauma surgeon Lee Cook-Jong operated on the soldier and says he found dozens of parasitic worms in his digestive tract, as well as uncooked corn; a sign of malnutrition. 
The soldier is 24 years old, but at just 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 132 pounds, he is significantly smaller than an average 18-year-old in South Korea. Doctors have reportedly diagnosed him with tuberculosis and hepatitis B.
So, on top of everything else, it looks like the NorK military is infected with a wide variety of diseases to include malnutrition and the attendant issues which likely impact dental health, strength, stamina, logistics, medical care for wounded and so forth.

I mention this to remind the reader that this is a unique situation with unique problems which, as we sit back and watch it all unfold, must be kept in mind.

KJU is in power in large part because he has beaten the hell out of this country over their media.

How does he explain a McDonalds in downtown Pyongyang?

How can anyone in one of the most impoverished countries on earth get the wherewithal to actually go there and buy something?

This is a significant first step.  But that's all it is.

Un is completely unpredictable.  There is simply nothing to depend on there except for his lack of predictability and let's be honest here, that's one of his biggest "strengths."  It's how he's survived this long.

Time will tell.  Good first step, perhaps even more than realistically could have been expected.

But several decades of erratic leadership will not... cannot... be resolved in a few weeks or months or even years.  And for Un... at the first sign of weakness?

He's likely a dead man.

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