Monday, March 05, 2018

The difference between "leadership" and "RINOship": Why doesn't it matter to the local GOP?

As I look at the Davey Gellatly's GOP trainwreck that we now have, I'm kinda reminded of the war in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, victories were determined by body counts for public consumption.

A North Vietnamese Regiment or 2 or 3 or 5 would attack an American outpost, for example.

If you're unaware of the siege of Khe Sahn, you should look it up.

It's a bright, shining star in the history of the Marine Corps, where every moment valor became the standard to judge by.

It was a horrific battle, regardless of which side you were on.  Hundreds of Americans were killed, thousands wounded.  Hundreds of NVA were killed, thousands wounded.

The siege was broken after several months.  We fought and fought and fought.

And when it was over?

We left.

That's right: that location was fought over... and died over... and the end result was the same thing as a loss.

The battle started on January 9, 1968 and ended... with our evacuation... July 9, 1968.

We "won."  And then, we left.  And what happened next?

The NVA took over the region.

So... why did we bother to stay and fight in the first place?

Locally, we have a situation that bears a remarkable similarity to the mindset behind that situation.

We have a number of so-called "representatives" for the people... at the county level and the legislative level, who used the label "Republican" to get elected because it was a matter of convenience.

No democrat can win in the 18th District, like no Republican can win in the 49th.

So, to run and win in the 18th, you both have to claim that you're a Republican and then fool enough people into believing it.  Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers being THE case in point.

Clearly, the voting record of most Republicans... alleged Republicans... in SW Washington matches that of the democrats more than it does those who actually do more than pay lip-service to GOP tenets.

Tax increases... fee increases... lies... zero transparency... all of the things we typically get from those running with a "D" after their names... are now part and parcel of those we've sent to the county... or to Olympia... with an "R" after their names, as fake as Dolly Pardon's boobs.

And what does the local GOP do about it?

Absolutely nothing.

It would seem that "success" to the clowns running that zoo is based entirely on the numbers game.

There is zero accountability for the actions of those they support... and many oppose.

Increase our taxes like you're a democrat?

Increase our fees like you're a democrat?

Cause our property taxes to explode, lie about it and then try and cover your asses?

Get hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm while bending us over to HELP property taxes explode?

And what does the local party do or say?


No response. No accountability.  No concern.  No questions.  A few days back, for example, Eileen Quiring announced against Marc Boldt, the democrat county chair.  Quiring is a well-known GOP county councilor.

But if you go over to the GOP candidate list, do you even see her name there?

Nope.  Must not have had the 30 seconds or so needed to update the list, eh, Davey?  But then, you don't WANT anyone to run against that idiot we've got as county chair, now, do you?

The RINOs who actually vote like their name is Jimmy Moeller, delude themselves into claiming that betraying us is, well, "leadership."

Oddly, the democrats don't seem to take that view when the shoe is on the other foot and any claiming their party affiliation vote against the tenets or platform of the democrat party.

Now.... why is that?

Vote against the democrats at any level while you're in elective office claiming democrat allegiance and they will do everything they can to crush you.

Vote against the Republicans at any level while you're in elective office claiming Republican allegiance and what happens?

Our gas tax/tab fees explode.  Our property taxes explode. Transparency gets tossed out the window.  The people of Clark County become responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in increased taxes and fees.

And what does the local GOP Regime do about it?

Absolutely nothing.

It would seem to me to make more sense if the local RINO cabal, including the county GOP Gellatly Clown Crew, should just admit they're an adjunct to the democrats and be done with it.

And for those of us opposed to that insanity, we're reduced to the level of untermenchen, threatened by an out-of-control party chair; insulted, berated, attacked and vilified... and even in one pathetic instanced, sued by a total nutjob... much, much more effort towards stamping out internal opposition than any effort to take out democrats... the democrats these clowns are SUPPOSED to oppose.

But as closely as I pay attention... and few do a better job of it than I... I have YET to see ANY effort by the Gellatly Cabal to actually take on the local democrats.

On just about every major leftist issue, from the CRC Scam to loot rail to tax increases to bigger budgets and bigger government, I've yet to see anything from any of the RINOs we've elected or the RINOs supporting them that attacks the democrats for just about anything.  In fact, many of our RINOs are outright supportive of that stupidity and at least one, Rivers, has done all she can to help screw us.

"Leadership," then, IS taking the "tough vote."  But ONLY when that "tough" vote reflects the will of those you represent.  "RINOship" is screwing your constituents who were stupid enough... as I freely admit I was... to believe in you and what you pledge to get elected.

Jacking up our gas taxes and tab fees $700 million in Clark County alone was NOT a "tough vote."

Betraying us to the WEA and causing our property taxes to explode was not a "tough vote."

Screwing us sideways by resurrecting the CRC/Loot Rail Scam was NOT a "tough vote."

No... THOSE votes are major examples of "RINOship,"  not "leadership."

Even the tool running the GOP show seems to believe that:

"No matter what your view on the issue was, for elected representatives, it is always important to remember what it means to represent the constituents rather than impose one's own will over the will who put them in office."

Here's a question: If Davey actually believed that crap, then why hasn't he done anything about those who ignore that aspect of "representative government?

In Davey's case, he's got the integrity of a worm, so he is not to be believed... on anything.  Some politicians lie like they breathe.  He's one of them.

Here's the thing: if you're going to talk, act, vote, tax and increase our fees like a democrat?

Then guess what?

You're a democrat.  And if you're a democrat?

Then why should we vote for you when we can vote for the real thing?  And why should we help the party that doesn't even want a Republican to run against my idiot-brother-in-law democrat county chair?  Why should we give them a dime?  Why should we give them our time, our effort, our energy.... our votes?

Simple: we shouldn't.

I know I won't.

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