Wednesday, December 06, 2017

When your Senator is a liar, Chapter 392: Town Hall preparation.

This Saturday, Wilson and Rivers are taking their circus on the road, wherein they promise nothing, deliver nothing except massive tax increases and lie like they breathe."

Is difficult to live in a district where your state senator has morphed into a pathological liar from the woman of the people she once was... and once aspired to be.

When your senator lies about everything from how much money is in her campaign account, to pledging to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases... well, to this:
“To me a big part of being a citizen legislator is knowing what is on the hearts and minds of the people I represent, and carrying those questions and concerns to the state Capitol,” Rivers said in a news release. “I realize national politics are attracting a lot of attention, but these meetings are a time to focus on the state-level issues that concern southwest Washington — like the ongoing need for good jobs, which has been amplified by the coming job losses at the Camas paper mill, and where Olympia fits in when it comes to economic development.”
It is discouraging, to say the least.  But here is the brutal reality of "Gas Tax" Rivers' "representation."

She doesn't CARE what's on our hearts and minds.

It's one thing to absolutely represent the views of this district... which she damned well knows and knew when she voted against those views... and another thing to be well aware of our opposition to her actions and vote against us anyway.

Rivers, unfortunately, is a stone-cold liar.  She has become, in her entirety, the very caricature of a politician she assured me she did not want to become.

Her lies have cost us billions of dollars in everything from gas tax/tab fee increases... property tax increases to cover the billions she gave to her fellow democrats after she was hired by a democrat campaign firm, Strategies 360, while she was "negotiating" with the WEA on the rape of our wallets known as McCleary... where the property taxes of everyone in Clark County are set to explode thanks to her efforts.

Her inexplicable resurrection of the hated-by-her-district CRC/Loot Rail scam she'd helped to kill a few short years ago is another proof she could care less what we think... while it also shows that the special interests now own her like the 13th Amendment is the 13th Suggestion and that Mr. Lincoln never freed the slaves.

The whole game is to make you THINK she cares... but the only thing that matters are her votes.

I was in politics for the better part of 30 years.  If I learned one thing from scum like Rivers, it's to ignore what she SAYS... and to examine what she DOES.

And what this woman has done is to IGNORE her district on the issues that matter the most: the rape of the gas tax/tab fee increases, the rape of the last budget and the multi-billion dollar give away with zero accountability she bent us over for to her democrat/WEA buddies...  The resurrection of the CRC/Loot Rail scam, done at the bidding of her downtown mafia masters...  her support of the cheaper license for illegal aliens.... who shouldn't get licenses at all.

She has screwed us sideways on taxes in many different ways.  Her actions were pivotal in the GOP losing control of the State Senate... an inevitable outcome of the RINO's disdain for the very thing Rivers claims she's so concerned about.

One has to wonder: what has she done FOR us.... instead of TO us?

Yes, it's discouraging when your Senator is a stone, cold, liar and a sell out.  A reasonably well-funded challenger could strangle her on her voting record alone... by beating her to political death using her voting record... her voting record... her voting record, which is the ONLY thing that matters.

"An oath to a liar is no oath at all."

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