Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Leave it to Crain to make excuses for that moron she worked so hard to get elected as county chair.

Look.  We all remember Carolyn Crain getting her panties in a twist and putting her fake GOP organization together to help get my fringe-left brother-in-law elected to county chair.

But this takes the cake.

In yet ANOTHER in the series of the MANY tax increases he's either been behind or supported, the 4 Stooges raised our property taxes... again.

Read for yourself the moronic effort Crain makes to actually DEFEND this leftist... this fake Republican... that she wanted so badly to win over a conservative:

The rank idiocy of Crain's babble speaks for itself.

Let's see: our property taxes were ALREADY set to explode next year, thanks to Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers bending us over for the WEA.

Costs of everything related to government has gone up; even reporting the sale of a car to the state via computer, which used to be free, now cost $8.75 and no human ever touches it.

Costs of permits, fees, driver's licenses, gas tax, tab fees... they're ALL blowing up.

So what does this idiot tell us?
The county council had not increased the tax base for several years. Before Madore took office they had not increased the tax rate for two years. COLA increases continued but tax rate increases did not. The cities have annexed some high end areas the county just finished upgrading the roads and infrastructure on spending a ton of money on improvements. At some point you have to say okay we need more money to meet the demand of the public requirements. A 6 year freeze on rate increases was the max. Also note that residential building does not provide enough money for the services they begin to demand so if you want a balanced budget and all the services you had better get the job growth happening here hard core. You also better figure out if you are a bedroom county or a working one and start voting for working because industry brings income into the county and that helps pay the bills which reduces you share of the overall cost.

First, she does what every leftist does: Blames Madore.

Then, this simple idiot babbles about the cost of living.  Of course, the idea that this train wreck of a bureaucracy should live within its means is simply beyond her extremely limited comprehension.

The reality is that our property taxes at the county level have gone up at LEAST 8% since Marc Boldt was first elected as a commissioner.

Sales taxes have gone up, gas taxes have exploded, fees have skyrocketed... and this moron tells us that, in effect, jacking up our taxes yet another percent... on top of the TWO percent he jacked them up last year.... in the face of all of the OTHER increases... "At some point you have to say okay we need more money to meet the demand of the public requirements?"

That's a total lie.

There has not been a shortage of revenue to the county.  We have hundreds of new, property tax producing homes and apartments being built.  The idea that now they take an even bigger percentage of what we make, when combined with all of the OTHER increases?

Here's an irony:  Crain also whines about a Comcast increase:

Someone want to explain to me WHY I have to call Comcast every single year and discuss their outrageous rate increases with them? Opening my bill this month my internet cable cost went from $61..99 to $81.99 per month in one month!!! Who out there has gotten a 33% pay raise in the last month?

Well, here's a clue, Crain: you don't like the increase?  Shut it off and go with someone else.

But we live here.  We've got no one else to go with.  And our property taxes are going to go up a HELL of a lot more than your piddling $20 a month for a service YOU don't HAVE to have.

Who lets this woman near a keyboard without a keeper?

Up is down, left is right.

When I read this crap, I gave a short prayer of thanks that this waste of space wasn't elected to dog catcher... and, of course, never will be elected to anything of importance.

There is no excuse for sticking it to us again... as Boldt has stuck it to us so very... many... times.

This is the kind of thing I KNEW he would do and said he would do many times.  And no matter how much lipstick Crain wants to put on her pig, he's still a pig.

Keep jacking up our taxes by a percentage... and pretty soon?

They'll be no percentage left.

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