Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Congratulations to the democrats and the RINOs… you got what you wanted in Alabama and we’re all going to suffer for it.

1.   RINOs wanted Moore to lose.

2.  This outcome will cost us billions… TENS of billions as this election effectively killed any chance of killing Obamacare.

3.   For leftists, the course is clear: want to get rid of a conservative?  Have women present unproven allegations of sexually-related misconduct.

Make no mistake: the RINOs running the Senate wanted Moore to lose.  They did everything possible to make that happen.  If it hadn't been these allegations, it would have been something else.

The allegations… and remember, that’s ALL they were… constituted the excuse for many to withdraw their support.

Make no mistake: Mitch McConnell would rather lose the Senate than have a conservative win.

That’s how it is at the national level… and that’s how it is at the state legislative level.

And as a result of this debacle, there is precisely zero chance that Obamacare will be repealed for the foreseeable future.

Chances were slim as it was with the RINO betrayal of John “Brain Dead” McCain.  Losing this seat effectively makes it impossible.

But let’s face it: the GOP senators, who used Obamacare as a wedge issue to get elected, never really meant to repeal it, did they?  And as a result, the Fed will continue to waste tens of billions of dollars on a program that is, perhaps, the worst legislative initiative this country has ever known.

Notice the resemblance of our local RINOs to those at the national level?  The same variety of arrogance?  That same willingness to throw us all under a bus to get what they want, no matter how badly it hurts us all?

And tax reform?  What are chances of passage of that?

And now?

Now the dems have their playbook as to beat Republicans.

They merely make up allegations of misconduct, make it sound oh, so, sincere.

Critical races can be easily won as the scum in Congress run away in horror from the very thought of requiring more than a mere allegation to convict… particularly when evidence proven to be manufactured is the crux of the matter.

The irony of this is clear: one GOP operative, upon Moore’s defeat, indicated “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

The hundreds of billions of dollars this defeat is likely to cost us as taxpayers aside, here’s the reality:

There’s a list.  There are 264 names on a list. 264 (presumably) men on a list who are also “bad rubbish.”

The men on this list wasted $17 million taxpayer-provided dollars to buy off the victims of their sexual misconduct.

What about THAT “bad rubbish?”

How come the RINOs who were oh, so offended by the allegations… the ALLEGATIONS against Judge Moore… have done NOTHING to expose their own colleagues on BOTH sides of the aisle who have actually committed these offenses and used OUR money to pay off THEIR victims?

These scum have ZERO moral high ground to condemn Moore when THEY have been complicit in the year’s long campaign of terror against many, many women working in or otherwise involved in the Congress of the United States.

NONE of them have any right to talk.

They ALL knew this sort of thing has been going on… and they sat there, in silence… and ALLOWED IT.

For years.

The women representing this state and our district, let alone the 5th District of Cathy McMorris, who is number 3 or something like that in the House GOP, OWE us.  They OWED us LONG before ANY of this became public.  The OWED us truth and integrity and their efforts to hold these slime accountable.


We got nothing.

Why?  Why did these oh, so, strong women remain silent?

Why are they such hypocrites now?

And why hasn’t the same level of faux “outrage,” expressed to target a vital seat in a RINO controlled senate… been expressed at the hundreds of others who are even "guiltier" than Judge Moore MAY be?

These men and women who remained silent have PROVEN complicity.  Those on the list SETTLED with their victims, which is certainly an admission of guilt that far exceeds anything Judge Moore has provided or had proven against him.

The most recent kerfuffle by leftist Senator Gillibrand is a farce.  She's just as guilty as any of the men on the list because she, too, has been there for years... and silent towards her own colleagues on the left and on the right... who engaged... and still engage... in the very same conduct she now seeks to condemn in others... all while she remained silent... and all while they victimized under the cloak of Congressional Immunity.

Where is HER bill to strip the cover off?  Where are her outraged demands that the list of those who settled with OUR money be made public?

Nowhere.  In fact, has any such bill been drafted by ANYONE?  All this feminist "anger" when the once they SHOULD be angry at are the ones staring back at them every time they stand in front of a mirror or check their makeup in using a compact.

So, yes... Moore lost.

Now, no chance of Obamacare repeal.

Now, likely no chance of tax reform.

Replacement Supreme Court Justices and other judges?  Forget about it.

Yeah, I’m sure the defeat of Moore makes the holier-than-thou RINOs VERRRRY happy.

And as a country, we are likely to suffer as a result for years… thanks to them.  And losing the seat to the left takes pressure off the RINOs as they can just try and blame the left for their decisions.

Yeah, Judge Moore lost.

As I look at this from every angle, I’m hard pressed not to conclude that the rest of the country lost as well.

And I rabidly hope the RINOs choke on it.

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