Monday, November 06, 2017

My problem with the RINO tax plan? It fixes nothing... it merely shifts it.

First, let me say at the outset that the current plan likely won't bear all that much resemblance to what the Senate votes on.

Second, as someone much smarter than I once opined, "We don't have a revenue problem... we have a spending problem."

Third, the GOP pols in office are, by a majority, rotten to the core.

At the federal level, the reality is simple: if Congress didn't want there to be a deficit, there wouldn't be one.

Like the disaster of the last GOP State Senate that sold itself (and us) to the WEA like a crack whore, busting us in the chops with yet ANOTHER MASSIVE TAX INCREASE, we've had Republican Congressmen come out and assure us that this is, in fact, a tax CUT.... precisely like the Lie Sisters, Wilson and Rivers, came out and told us that the scam WEA roll-over they supported (And in Rivers' case, helped to "negotiate" in the midst of her hiring by Strategies 360, a DEMOCRAT campaign firm) will also result in property tax CUTS when, as it turns out, we are all going to get hit with massive increases of the state portion of our property taxes to pay for their idiocy.

What... those two idiots believed they could add between 5 and 6 billion dollars to the budget and we WOULDN'T pay for it through the nose?

My wife asked me the other day: "Why would they say something like that in the face of the overwhelming evidence that they were wrong?"

One of two reasons was my response:  They're either liars... or they're stupid.  Either way they need to be fired.

And this, you see, is the problem.  People who want something in politics typically lie.

Such as Rivers' horrific lies about the gas tax, she really didn't give a damn about how much passage of that GOP rip off would hurt us... or how opposed we were to it.

Her lying to get elected... her pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases... became a casualty of her own greed and avarice where she put HER judgment ahead of those she allegedly represents.

Her pledge became a casualty of what she refers to as a "business decision."  In this case, yoking the people of Clark County to her $700 million dollar tax bill... something more than $1500 per man, woman and child in this county, was the "decision," while WE got the "business."

At the federal level, these people were NOT elected to raise taxes.  And on the heads of so many, that is precisely what I believe the effect of this bill on those actually PAYING taxes would actually be.

As it is, a huge majority of our population not only pays nothing in federal taxes, they get bribes back from the Fed in the guise of the so-called Earn Income Tax Credit.

And those who are paying the freight?  Well now, it appears they are going to have to pay even more.

And what are these same people saying... what are they planning on doing to CUT government spending?

Nothing that I can see.

In fact, didn't the first FOUR Trillion Dollar budget just get passed?  WIth the GOP in charge of the entire government?

ALWAYS keep in mind that under Obama, Congress DOUBLED the deficit to $20 trillion.  When are these people... who seem to be proving themselves to be "democrat-lite," going to begin the process of reducing that figure?

When are they going to meaningfully CUT spending?  When are we going to stop sprinting TOWARDS the cliff, instead of turning around and at least walking AWAY from it?

I oppose the tax plan.  Like the Clark County Youth Football League, it punishes success while encouraging greed and a complete lack of accountability.

The past few years have driven home the reality that members of the Legislature and the Congress lie... REGARDLESS of party.

They lie because they really DO believe us to be stupid.  Our own Congresswoman acts like a whale, cruising below the surface and only coming up for air when she absolutely has to.

Haven't heard HER weigh in on this, have you?

Don't hold your breath.

This plan is merely moving one pile of paper to a different pile.  It does not do what needs to be done to achieve the strong economy they keep talking about; instead, we get molested in a very real version of "House of Cards," with Congress playing the role of Kevin Spacey.

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