Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Well, at least he's clean: VPS Superintendent says the waste of billions on McCleary ain't enough.

So, the Superintendent of Vancouver Public Schools, best known for illegally using school district money to get a shower installed in his office... a what... $4000 shower?... in his office. you know, because, well, he couldn't afford it out of the $210,000 a year he was making at the time.

Apparently, after cleaning himself up yesterday, he felt compelled to tell the Democratian that the billions wasted by the GOP-controlled Senate simply aren't enough and more billions will be required.

As I have been saying, when it comes to the black hole of education, there is no such thing as "enough."

This clown, Steve Webb, merely confirms what I already knew.  There's no amount of money that will satisfy these clowns.

And, since this decision by the morons sitting on the court was purely political, and since the GOP lacked the guts to tell the Court to drop dead, Webb's whining and sniveling combined with the rest of the left's means even MORE billions will be stolen from us to finance the WEA's political arm, strengthening the dems hold on the Governor's Mansion and both House of the Legislature.

This is the kind of thing the political cowardice of RINOs like Rivers and Wilson have availed us.

Remember this when our property taxes continue to skyrocket, in part, because of the antics of these two.

Remember this when the GOP comes driving around for donations.

I know I will.

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