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David Gellatly's circular firing squad: time for him to resign.

Those paying attention to the local GOP political scene are aware that the local GOP Chair believes himself to be God's Gift to the position.

Question his judgment, oppose that judgment, and this young man comes unhinged.

His incessant attacks and playground jingoism towards people who have been in the GOP generally and working with the GOP locally... literally for decades... his blind eye towards the political equivalent of war crimes committed by local elected officials claiming the GOP mantle to get elected and then ignoring it once it's served its purpose to GET them elected... is almost comical.

And, it was a matter of time until the hounds nipping at conservative heels... namely, the leftist Columbian... would stand up and take notice:

Infighting roils local Republican Party

Chairman says ‘bullies’ seek to divide group, hurting its reputation

By Lauren Dake, Columbian Political Writer
When David Gellatly was elected to lead the Clark County Republican Party in December, his primary goal was to unify the party, which had increasingly devolved into bitter divisiveness.

It’s not going so well.

Lately, social media has put some of the fighting on full display.

Mark Engleman, who described himself as a “local anti-corruption” activist, warned that he was ready to help orchestrate Gellatly’s removal. In the Facebook post, he described Gellatly as an “arrogant man-child” who storms in with “ham-fisted leadership, extremely poor judgment, and intolerable arrogance.”

Yeah, Gellatly said, it’s not going the way he had hoped.

“I guess certain people in the beginning that I thought were excited to work with me, they felt like they were losing their control over the party,” Gellatly said. “And they didn’t like that feeling, so they went on attack.”

And Gellatly isn’t playing a wallflower role.

He posted recently about what he described as a small group of people who have gone out of their way to divide the party, having no effect on elections but damaging the party brand. He added that because of this group, the party has become the laughing stock in Olympia with the state party.

“This small radical ideology of anti-electeds has no influence over anything in the county, but managed to manipulate the numbers on the central committee to make a fake grass-roots, but in reality, top-down authority where few people controlled the voting party,” Gellatly wrote.

Rick Halle responded that most Republicans across the state ask him how grass-roots elements managed to take over the Clark County Republicans, in the hopes of emulating their actions.

“Better wise up,” Halle posted in response to Gellatly. “I already told you that you were out of your element and should step back until you are better prepared. It is beyond that now though.”

In 2012, there was a grass-roots effort to elect anti-establishment Republicans to precinct committee officer positions. Before Gellatly’s win, there was a big push to return the board to control of the more so-called established Republicans, but many believed it failed.

Gellatly, who replaced Kenny Smith, said he initially aligned with the grass-roots group but was also hoping to embrace the big-tent philosophy that many Republicans espouse.

Gellatly said he felt blind-sided by some of the actions of those considered to be part of the grass-roots effort.

“When I started working with other people and not attacking every public official and not taking the direction they wanted the party, I was on the receiving end … And I began to question the integrity and reality of what they had been telling me about other people,” Gellatly said.

Gellatly said he was reticent about “getting into the trenches” on social media, but decided to take a stand. Gellatly aligns with many of their conservative principles, but said by ousting and criticizing every public official who doesn’t agree with their every stance, the party’s influence is shrinking.

He said he believes there is a small, vocal minority that is trying to take the party in another direction.

But, he said, the majority of people are ready to unite the party.

“I’ve never gotten so many thank-you cards and messages than I have in the past few days,” he said after standing up to what he described as “the bullies.”

Gellatly recently posted on Facebook, “Sometimes to unite people for something great, you have to remove those that divided them in the first place.”

To which Kelly Hinton, a well-known conservative blogger, responded, “Indeed. When are you up for election again?”
"Reticent?"  He is "reticent?"

He's many things, but that was never one of them.

Here's the reality: using social media, Gellatly has blasted those who express opposition to his actions, in everything from continuing to support bringing Tomi "Pro-Choice" Cleavage here for the LDD to his approach to "leadership" which comes across like he's a punk on the playground.

The reality is simple: Gellatly is in over his head.  He lacks a basic understanding of what is required to lead a VOLUNTEER organization that existed for decades before he got here and will exist for decades after he's gone.

He cannot rule by edict.  He cannot attack bedrock GOP supporters merely because they oppose his view and his failure to even remotely hold elected officials accountable for their miserable failures and betrayals of the Party that did so much to put them where they are.

It's a microcosm of the GOP at the federal level; a paralyzed, do-nothing Congress which continues to cause damage by failing to implement the changes that got them elected while they fight the President every step of the way.

Locally, the elected fake Republicans are doing all they can to implement leftist political goals and philosophies in everything from Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers lying about her opposition to the massive gas tax and tab fee increases that will cost this county $700 million to help bail out King County's transportation insanities... to the GOP State Senate (Yes, and that again means Rivers) caving on the idiocy of the Supreme Court's McCleary decision... that will waste additional taxpayer billions they have zero right to demand... to supporting a driver's license that will cost more for citizens than it cost for illegal aliens WHO SHOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE, LET ALONE GET CHEAPER LICENSES... to the complete betrayal by fake Republicans Rivers, Wilson, Harris and Vick as they strive to resurrect the hated CRC/Loot Rail scam... and, of course, our own cardboard cutout of a fake Congresswoman in lockstep with the two fringe-left Senators "representing us" in the US Senate... no doubt to burnish her non-existent credentials for her own inevitable Senate run.... while she continues to alienate this district from a White House positioned to do us a great deal of harm.

And what has this stupidity... these multiple betrayals of the people of this county cost those engaging in the betrayals?

Nothing.  And on Gellatly's do-nothing watch, it likely won't cost them a thing.

Point these things out to him... remind him... question his lack of action on these issues... and he tries to pull out his hammer.

If you disagree with this guy, you are automatically classified, categorized, labeled and attacked.  This clown will dredge up whatever he can, lie about you and even go so far as to remind you that HE makes more money than YOU do.

Yes... he went there.

The question is simple: is this what a political leader of a volunteer organization designed to get REPUBLICANS elected SUPPOSED to do?

Of course not.  I don't know if he's going for the sympathy vote or what.  But either way, the result is that the internal strife of a party that, if one were to look at it on paper, was dominating the local political scene long before anyone ever heard of this guy... is now public thanks to Mr. Chairman.

And the statements quoted in a grateful democratian... by the chair... do more to cast doubt on the local GOP than anything any in the opposition to Gellatly's deliberate blindness have done in the entirety of their lives.

Clearly, Gellatly should resign.

He has lost the support of the bed rock of the Party; he is expressing and exhibiting the same variety of hatred towards conservatives that both the left... and the establishment RINO's like Sean Guard and Brent Boger.... have been blathering for years now express and exhibit.

And that is a total failure of leadership on his part.  And he is beyond salvage.

Is their "infighting" in the local GOP?


Is it now public?


Is it time for the cause of that division to go?

No question.

Does anyone remotely doubt that the reason for the public face of this strife is named Gellatly?

Not that I can see.

The GOP in this County has, since I have moved here, gone from an afterthought to a political force that cannot be denied when viewed in terms of those with the GOP label being elected here.

When I moved here, there were 8 democrats and one Republican from Clark County in the legislature. Every other local county office?  Democrat.

Now?  There are 12 Republicans (or those using the Republican label) and 3 democrats in the legislature.

Of county offices, 9 are held by those claiming to be GOP (including one where a fake GOP organization worked to get him elected) and 2 by democrats.

Thus, of 26 total elected county wide and legislative positions in Clark County, 21 of them are GOP.

What did David Gellatly have to do with any of that?


Clearly, as obviously "bad" as Gellatly appears to think things are, the question is this: would the local democrats trade places with the local GOP in a New York Minute?

Of course.

And Gellatly seems to think everything that every elected GOP office-holder is doing is just peachy.

It isn't.  And this has boiled over... as a result of Gellatly's multiple failures... again.

It will likely get worse before it gets better.  And it's time for Gellatly, who I, sadly and quite wrongfully, supported for election to this position... to go.

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