Monday, May 01, 2017

Why I'm opposing Kris Greene for Port Commissioner

Don't know a thing about him...except for the RINO support he's put together, including leftists like Carolyn Crain and Steve "Working to screw the whole county" Nelson, as well as Deborah Blom, wife of that fringe-left RINO John Blominidiot.

Nothing else really matters in this race, since that nutjob billionaire, Tom Steyer (Who owns Eric LaBrant like I own my Mustang) and the despicable rag of a local daily newspaper is going to trash anyone who doesn't oppose coal trains or the oil terminal, just like Steyer bought the fringe-left whack job who won last time... and just like the rag trashed anyone who, well, didn't oppose coal trains and the oil terminal.

Here's a little reminder of what a complete and total moron LaBrant actually is:

So, yeah... just about anyone these people support is going to be unacceptable to me.  And the more RINO/Leftist support Greene gets, the less acceptable he's going to be.

These are the same people who supported my moronic brother-in-law for county chair... who has been a complete political imbecile that has caused so many pain in a county who cannot afford the insanity of the charter that he wanted so badly... so he could get those last two years in to scam his pension.

Presumably, if they'll support a fake Republican like Boldt... like Blominidiot... like Rivers and like Stewart...then Greene has that same stench about him.

So.... no. Not this time...

Not ever.

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