Tuesday, May 23, 2017

So, Guard bytes the big one. Now he can end the charade and resign... both as mayor AND from the GOP.

Things haven't been going all that well for "Officer" Guard lately and the result, thankfully, is that the "Train Sitter" of Washougal has bowed to the inevitable and pulled the pin on what's left of his political career.

A sorry end to a sorry tenure.

Guard and his faithful sidekick RINO Brenty Boger were engaged in an abortive effort to take control of the local GOP organization and yank it in the general direction of the left.

You know... think in terms of Crain's fake GOP outfit.

Now that Guard has been neutered, the question remains: shouldn't he make a clean break of it and resign his position as mayor... and then end that bogus GOP PCO shtick where he shoots off his mouth and generally acts the fool?

Other RINOs are livid.  As a result, so are the C3G2 leftist haters... since they're one and the same.

Not at Guard, because, after all, RINO's would stand by that clown posse if he had committed axe murder.

No, they're anger is directed at the messenger... and those who spread that message... and the excuses for Guard's inexcusable behavior are flowing fast and furious.

They're acting like they're on Weiner's PR firm's payroll.

Guard, of course, believes Guard is as pure as the driven snow.  According to Guard, he didn't do anything wrong... kinda... sorta.

But according to Guard, he didn't do anything wrong when he got busted for impersonating a cop.

As a hater of conservatives, it's the kind of babble that made Anthony Weiner's excuses for HIS conduct blush in comparison:
I am sending this to the large group of folks who have been so supportive of us, especially in the last week.
It is obvious that this far right faction is desperate to get me out of office and they will do anything possible to do so. Annie and I know the truth, however, as do so many of you.
I bleed orange and black. I am Washougal through and through. I have spent the last 7+ years leading our community to greater heights and preparing it for the future. We have so many awesome opportunities in front of us thanks to the team and most of the council that is in place.
Over the weekend these far-right zealots also began to attack my wife and people who have spoken publically in support of me; it has become more and more apparent that they won’t stop. If they were attacking just me, I would fight this to the end, but when they start attacking family, the game changes. They will do anything and everything they can to get their far-right candidate Dan Coursey elected in my place. These Trump-style politics are very sad and disgusting. Even if I win in August and in November, they will just keep up their attacks. My family doesn’t deserve that, and neither does the City of Washougal. The stress these accusations bring to my wife and how it affects her multiple sclerosis is unbearable.
Therefore, today I rescinded my candidacy for reelection as Mayor of Washougal. While this might appear to some people that their attacks have some truth, we know better and I can only hope that other folks see this just for what it is – politically motivated. I could never believe that this kind of evil existed in the world as well. It does.
To be the effective Mayor that I have been it has taken over 200 hours a month between my city duties, and those that I do representing the city at the State and Federal level. It will be kind of refreshing going back to being a normal family. In these last few months while I am in office I will continue to work to move Washougal forward.
For those who have donated to my campaign this year, those donations will be sent back to you.
Again, thank you all for the support, prayers, notes and calls. They have helped Annie and I immensely.
Our love to you all,
Sean & Annie Guard
If the "large group" was all THAT big, you wouldn't have had to withdraw.

What is missing in this fringe-left trope is a flat out denial.

His hatred of all to the right of Mao surfaces:

"Far-right wing zealots."

"Far-right candidate."

"Trump-style politics."

If these multiple conversations... in writing... had not taken place... then all Guard had to do was completely deny it and move on.  Open up his phone and credit card records to find out about certain activities in Portland.  File suit against Kincaid, require Kincaid to identify everyone involved... bust this wide open... prove your innocence and fight for what you actually believe in, you cowardly little worm.

Because if you could PROVE your apparently non-existent innocence, then you could run for Pope and get elected.

The reality, however, is that there has been no such denial.  There is no lawsuit.  The Police ARE investigating. And Guard seems to be projecting what the outcome of those efforts is very likely going to be.

His RINO buddies have no interest in awaiting results of any investigation (Yeah, and you know, OJ really DIDN'T kill Nicole, right?) or getting to the truth before making their blanket claims of Guard's innocence (kinda, sorta) but instead, only in keeping Guard running for mayor in hopes of keeping anyone to the right of Lenin from getting the job and as they continue trying to stem the flow of people wising up to their insanity and coming to understand what they're really after.

Some go so far as to make the claim of an "unconfirmed" claim (and therefore, worthless) except as a way to continue the victimology meme they so love to snivel about that somehow, if Guard were to withdraw, this would all go away.

Yeah.  Because THAT would get the WPD to magically end their investigation... right?

No doubt the RINOs and the fringe-left want Coston and I wouldn't be surprised to see smears and dirty politics thrown at Coursey by the same fringe elements continuing to support Guard while coming out of the RINO/leftist Clique so upset here.

Little wonder voter turnout continues to increase (In 2012, 129.2 million votes were cast.  In 2016, the number was 136.6 million.) when the voters become aware of what appears to be scum like this holding, or running for office.  And little wonder that those who do run don't appear to come across like the personnel director of the Cadillac Ranch... as Guard seemed to do in the eyes of the public.

Mudslinging is a tough part of this.  RINOs and the left generally trowel it out by the dump-truck load, but seem only to blame everyone else for what they themselves do without giving it a second thought.  Lying about others is part and parcel of their shtick... and made clear by the basis of Guard's inexplicable RINO support.

The irony of someone babbling...
"This is what we voters have allowed our political scene to become; issues come second as dirt and mud rule the day as gas bags spew their vitriol and hatred of views different than their own."
...CAN NOT be overstated when the author of that garbage is one of those most guilty of what he charges others.

Even in his whiny, bitchy little declaration above, all Guard says is "Annie and I know the truth, however, as do so many of you."

We do indeed.  And that's why you had to go.

Officer Guard, if you're looking for someone to be held responsible for this, go find a mirror.  YOU are the center of that particular concentric circle.

And like so many RINO haters, you cannot accept responsibility for your own actions.  So what do you do?

Blame everyone else, particularly if they oppose your fake Republican meme.

And let's get real here: you're pulling out of this election is exactly what you claim that it isn't: a complete acknowledgement that the allegations are true.  This has nothing to do with your wife "being attacked."

SHE went out on facebook to try and defend you.  No one forced her to do that... particularly when the evidence to the contrary seems so overwhelming.  SHE threatened court action which has yet to materialize but which would also be a natural move...

... IF the allegations were not true.

Guard's RINO buddies will be pissed, of course.  His fellow leftists will bitch and moan.

But Guard is soon to be gone... and the entirety of SW Washington will be that much better off without him.

When the investigation is complete, depending on how much of it they are willing to release.... what will these same morons be telling us if the allegations are founded?

Will it make any difference to them?  Will they get off this "right wing" garbage?

Of course not.

The reality here isn't that they're pissed at what it appears Guard actually may have done.

The reality is that it seems he got caught doing it. Their anger is directed at those who exposed it.

And for the RINO Clique, that's everyone else's fault but their own.

Clearly, the only people allowed to support candidates are RINOs if some are to be believed.  Because anyone opposed to Guard for this... or any of the dozens of other reason to not want him in elective office... makes you worthy of RINO labeling that is even more ironic as they become increasingly guilty of that which they charge others.

Hypocrite, much?

Meanwhile, Dan Coursey and Molly Coston are the two remaining standing... and Washougal.. as well as SW Washington... are better off for it.

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