Wednesday, May 03, 2017

How much longer does the local GOP put up with renegade RINOs?

On the issues that genuinely matter to the rank and file, the massive RINO contingent strangely seems not unlike Jimmy Moeller when it comes to their voting habits.

We already know our moron of a Congresswoman has a death wish when it comes to getting any help from the White House... for anything for this district and our county... since she first, joined with the fringe-left whack jobs representing this state in the US Senate in condemning our president during the campaign and now, for the second time, is joining with the democrats in doing all she can to keep Obamacare up and running.

We also know that those allegedly "representing us" in the legislature; Rivers, Wilson, Harris and Vick, are completely ignoring their constituencies in favor of the special interests who now seem to own them as they again set up conservatives to become democratian punching bags in their RINO effort to resurrect the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

And the 4 Stooges running this county; one of whom, my idiot brother-in-law Marc Boldt, has already been kicked out of the GOP and the other 3 all vote precisely like their democrat opponents had they won instead... Olson, Blominidiot and Stewart.

These people have all betrayed us with their lies... and their votes.  Rivers in particular did her best, and succeeded, to hang a $700 million yoke around the necks of every man, woman and child living in Clark County when she lied to get elected and then betrayed us after her WRITTEN promise not to support gas tax and tab fee increases...
Screen capture from Rivers' 2012 campaign website where she lied about her gas tax/tab fee position to get elected,

All because, according to her, her truthfulness and integrity can be swayed by a "business decision."

And who can forget our RINO, CRC/Loot Rail supporting Auditor, Greg Kimsey, lying about the leftist play of the democrat county charter... all to join with the left to get rid of conservatives from every local elective office?

Weird, isn't it?

We have an arguably conservative county.  But of these 10 elected positions... none of them are conservative, none of them are Republican, yet ALL of them hide behind the Republican label in one form or another to screw us all sideways.

This all leaves me mystified.

Why haven't these people been kicked out of the local GOP?

The local GOP remains mostly silent in the face of these electeds' multiple betrayals of the people generally and what the rank and file of the GOP wants particularly.


What is the point of even having a political party if they refuse to even TRY to enforce the tenets that make them a party in the first place?

Over the years, volunteers and workers have busted their collective butts to get these clowns elected.  My warnings to the contrary (and sadly, how right I have been about these people) the Party continued to support them and seemingly, continued to be concerned about what a group of people who wouldn't be caught dead voting Republican might think about taking the available actions to instill Party discipline... something the democrats do every waking moment without care or comment by the cancer on our community... and they then proceed to act accordingly.

Why hasn't anything of substance been done to these people?

Part of the reason they're doing what they do is because these people screwing us take the Party mechanism for granted.  Part of it is because these people know the democrat daily will attack anyone who tries to bring this herd of hypocrites to heel.

All of which begs the question: how much longer do we put up with it?

How much longer do we just stand by and do nothing?

When does the party do what many of these same people have done, and go out and recruit candidates to run against these lowlifes to replace them with genuine Republicans who will actually represent the people instead of the downtown mafia types infesting local politics?

It's simple, really: if you're going to claim to be a Republican, then vote like one.  If, for example, that cardboard cutout of a fake congresswoman is so upset about the repeal of Obamacare, nothing is stopping her from running amendments to "fix" it the way she likes... except, of course, she doesn't WANT Obamacare to be repealed... as if her daughter, who's medical care costs likely exceeded $2 million... was covered by Obamacare when she had her Cadillac, congressional plan medical coverage.

If you pledge to oppose a position such as a gas tax and tab fee increase to get elected... when the time comes, keep your word.

If you are going to run as a Republican, then meet the expectations that you will vote both how your constituents want... and by Republican tenets... which do not include the agonies inflicted on us by those I've named here.

And, a quick memo to some of you electeds who called my clients to try and get me fired:

Do it again?

You better have a damned good lawyer.

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