Thursday, April 13, 2017

Think Lefty Lou Brancaccio isn't butthurt over Benton's White House appointment?

As expected, the monumental level of butthurt felt by the democratian over former State Senator Don Benton's success within the Trump Administration.

Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio probably had a seizure when he heard that the Trump Campaign had hired Benton for anything.

Then to find out that Benton was overseeing the transition of the dreaded EPA?

That probably caused Lefty a heart attack.

And THEN to find out that Benton was getting the job of Director of the United States Selective Service with no one between him and the President?

Sheer, unadulterated stroke.

It's tough when your enitre life is driven by leftist hatred... like our lying little worm of an "editor emeritus" and the scum he's hired to work for him.

So, what does this slimeball do?

He puts this crap up so his fellow leftist haters can take yet another opportunity to beat the hell out of Sen. Benton... and, of course, President Trump.

I get the feeling the last thing that dillwad editor will be thinking about as he dies will be how he worked so hard... and failed so miserably... to destroy Don Benton.

Clearly, Benton has wormed his way into Brancaccio's skull.  And that is right where he belongs.

Thanks for the hoot, Lefty!

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