Tuesday, April 11, 2017

State Senator Don Benton gets the Directorship of Selective Service and unfettered access to the President. What CRC?

Naturally, the leftist scum at the democratian have to engage in character assassination as they wait for the remainder of Lyin' Lefty Lou Brancaccio's head chunks to fall back to earth.

We can start with this obvious lies of leftist outlets:
Last month, the Washington Post reported Benton “piped up so frequently during policy discussions that he had been disinvited from many of them.” More recently, Politico reported, “Benton has repeatedly butted heads with Ryan Jackson, (EPA Director Scott) Pruitt’s chief of staff. Multiple sources speculated that Benton might soon leave the agency.”
Benton had the impromptuer of the president to oversee the transition from the horrific nightmare of Obama to the realism of President Trump.

He was not "disinvited" from ANY meeting since he, effectively, could go anywhere in the agency he pleased.

But the national level versions of our local fringe-left community cancer, presuming they wrote this at all, are merely doing what they do every day: trashing even possible element of the Trump Administration they can.

And our local stain on democracy is naturally joining the cabal at the national level that they built here at the local.

Meanwhile, a man the local RINO and leftist contingent did their best to destroy has risen above it all, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of his enemies, to be given control of an agency of the United States Government... and a direct line to President Trump.

The leftists are already circling the story in their blazing hatred.  (And hatred is certainly one thing local leftists are really good at) We see the usual remarks and comments... and, like usual, nothing of substance.

I, for one, would very much like to see the draft re-implemented.  Half male, half female.  Let the gender of the so-called "weaker sex" spill their blood at an even rate with the men to defend this country... equality being what it is.

And, as a reminder, there has been no draft since 72.   But there should be.  I missed the draft, having already enlisted.

Meanwhile, for a variety of reasons... not the least of which is how the leftist scum around here have treated Benton over the last 2 decades, we've finally got someone in Washington, D.C. to watch our backs.  Someone with more guts and more drive than our cardboard cutout of a fake congresswoman could ever dream of.

Benton has made his position clear on the CRC Scam from the beginning and has continued his opposition even though he no longer serves us here... he certainly continues to serve us there.

And when it comes to the fungus of the CRC Resurrection, I feel a lot better about having Benton back there than I ever did about having that do-nothing Herrera.

Just sayin'.

How's that CRC/Loot Rail scam looking now, eh?

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