Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Liking the impacts of the Cowlitz/Mohegan/Paskenta/Barnett scam yet?

It looked like a lemming convention yesterday on area freeways as the Cowlitz Mafia facility opened up to start the process of vacuuming up the disposable... and in some sad cases... the nondisposible... income of people who are drawn to losing their money and stuffing their faces like a moth to the flame.

And did you like the immediate impacts of this insanity costing millions of dollars for thousands... if not tens of thousands... of commuters locked into a traffic jam... in both actual costs, time costs and lost productivity?

That's our future, fellow Clark Countians.

This is just the start. As they expand this rip off, its going to get worse.

People who don't live here... who have never lived here... opening up their cash vacuum cleaner while they infect the area with their Barnett-brand of corruption, buying local politicians, setting about to change the name of this place to "Casino County" while they suck even more money out of the region than the CRC/Loot Rail scam ever would have.

Traffic back ups in places where they rarely happened will now become the norm. The people impacted will demand that the problem be addressed.

And it likely will be.

And the Tribe won't pay a nickel for any of it, even though they are the direct cause... because first, these people do not and have not lived here, so they won't have to put up with the pain they're inflicting on us and second, because they view us contemptuously as they set about to buy the politicians like Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers who are willing to make the "business decisions" needed to rip us off for the benefit of the special interests who own her.

Hopefully, Oregon will engage in their own traffic relief program, by allowing a major casino to be built along I-5 on their side of the river to keep their people... and their revenue... and their traffic... away from this cancer on our community.

There will be pain, my fellow Clark Countians.

But the Cowlitz Mafia won't be the ones feeling it.

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