Thursday, April 06, 2017

Carolyn Crain polishes her fake Republican image.

Several months ago, it became transparent that Carolyn Crain, who has become the face of division for the local GOP, is no more a Republican than Barack Obama

Crain first shot to minor prominence when she set out to eliminate conservatives from elective office and generally do the bidding of the democrats running her; much like Jimmy Mains has been Marc Boldt's puppet master.

Crain, who is a moderator of the C3G2 hate group on Facebook, surprised local Republicans who mistakenly believed she was one when she endorsed fellow leftist Chuckie Green in the county council raise where sadly, the only choice was between two leftists, one of whom was masquerading as a Republican and who, in fact, has a voting record even more leftist than Greens would have been... Julie Olson.

A reward for her political treason was her elevation to a ring-master for the group of uber-left monkeys at the Clark County Citizens for Democrat Governance Facebook page, (Started by Chuckie Green) which has spread its way around the county like a political cancer.

Crain, who helped lie my witless brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, into office (with 39% of the vote) where he has done all he can to ignore the constituency that put him there, put together a fake Republican PAC which it appears she has used to pay for her stay at the Heathman when they lost money on their moronic little dinner Crain lives in Vancouver, so I guess it was too far to drive after a stressful, poorly-attended dinner when OPM is picking up the tab) has now decided to expand her political perfidy by endorsing uber-leftist AMO... Anne McErnerny-Ogle.

Every fringe-left whack job in the region has rushed to endorse AMO.

Such stellar main stream leftists as Jimmy Moeller, Jimmy Mains, Jennifer McDaniel, Andrew Cleveland, Ed Barnes, Jack Burkman, the aforementioned Chuckie Green, Noland Hoshino, Pat Jollota, Sharon Wylie, Ty Stober, Don Steinke, Mike Pond, Paul Montague, Temple Lentz (The endorsement of Mains, Hoshino and Lentz obviously means that AMO is paying them) Doug Lasher, Eric LaBrant...

And, of course, Carolyn Crain.

If there ever was any question that Crain was a Republican... and that's objectively impossible at this point... this kind of wearing out of the knee-pads that she does so often in front of those of the left should put it to rest.

Crain is a leftist troll.  Her actions, her interviews with her fellow leftists at the local cancer of our community, the democratian... her endorsement and financing of leftist candidates such as my brother-in-law are a sickening reminder of her true agenda which has nothing to do with furthering the Republican cause generally or conservative causes particularly.

She has a record of supporting those who would raise our taxes, increase the size of government and, in this case, support all of those who would ram the hated CRC/Loot Rail scam down our throats.

I have to wonder at this point:

Is Crain going to use that fake Republican PAC of hers to support AMO over a true Republican candidate such as Steve Cox?

Will she use the non-partisan nature of this race as an excuse?

Yes.  THAT Carolyn Crain.

Next time she claims to be a Republican?

Remember this.  And remember all of her other leftist activities... not unlike those on the Executive Board of the local democrat party or the Young Democrats who endorsed my brother-in-law for County Chair.

I do hope the RINOs are pleased.  The outcomes were everything I said they would be.

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