Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Today's purveyor of governmental arrogance...Ted Gathe!

So there's this discussion on Liz Pike's FB page... where the local democrats who slobber at the thought of resurrecting the CRC/Loot Rail scam... sent a copy of the stupidity expressed by local neo-communist tools who run the fringe-left enclaves... expressing their "disappointment" that, unlike her seat mates, Pike refuses to throw her district under the bridge, so to speak.

Inevitably, this led to the same discussion that's always gone on before.

Those who don't give a damn about what the people of this county want it built now; those who believe that the will of the people of this county should be the determining factor want the whole idea dropped into the river.

Well, the former Vancouver city attorney is a fellow named Ted Gathe.

Ted is an interesting guy.  He's married to a state representative from the Vancouver Soviet, Sharon Wylie.  It has the trappings of the situation where Tracy Wilson is the puppet master of his wife, State Senator Lynda Wilson (RINO -17) but it's hard to say who is running who in that situation: is Wylie doing what Gathe tells her to do, like Lynda is doing what Tracy tells HER to do?  And isn't it odd that democrat Wylie and RINO Wilson are both intent on screwing the people of this county sideways while they fall all over themselves to do the bidding of the downtown mafia that owns ALL of them?

Well, in this discussion, the facts in opposition are  ignored by proponents... no matter that proponents have zero facts in support.

Part of this discussion resulted in Gathe opining thus:

Ted Gathe Oregon has a plan to improve the Rose Quarter congestion but the real problem is the I-5 Bridge Corridor and its multiple ramps. Let's get over the light rail 'bogeyman' fear and get on with a project.  LikeReplyMarch 10 at 2:49pm 
Now... let me interpret that:
"I don't care what the opposition to this rip off says."

"Oregon claims to have some vague and nebulous plan to do something about the Rose Quarter insanity, we should trust them implicitly and just go ahead and ignore the people of Clark County and waste these billions."

"Screw you people who know that the ONLY reason for this bridge rip off is to get loot rail into Clark County."
That the only reason for this rip off is to get loot rail into Clark County is indisputable.

Now, when I went ahead and pointed out that what Gathe suggests is NOT what the people of this county want:

Kj Hinton Yeah. Lets just ignore what the people of this county wants like our utterly worthless RINO legislators selling us out are bent on doing.

The real problem is the outright stupidity of replacing the I-5 Bridge before additional bridges are built.

As for getting over loot rail, we already know that loot rail is the only reason you downtown mafia types want this insanity to move forward.

Every reason we dropped the CRC/loot rail scam into the river before remains in effect today.

So let's kill this moronic project permanently and get the other bridges built first. And if Oregon doesn't like it, then we do nothing. 
LikeReplyMarch 11 at 12:23pmEdited
Gathe's response?

About what you'd expect from a CRC Scammer.
Ted Gathe Yes, doing nothing is a great option.

Because that's EXACTLY what I wrote... right?  The ONLY option I suggested was "doing nothing."

But that's what Gathe read.

Because those in the downtown mafia simply don't give a damn what we want, what we've voted for, what is important to US.

The idea that WE have to do ANYTHING merely because Oregon says so?

The idea that replacing a bridge that doesn't need replacement that will accomplish, effectively, nothing except to charge the 70-odd thousand commuters $2000 per year in ever-increasing tolls for the next 40 years for the privilege.... THAT is "doing nothing," except to spread the hated fungus of loot rail into a county that does not want it, does not need it and cannot afford it.

I appreciate Gathe's response.  It's the entirety of the CRC Scam, boiled down to its essence.

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