Thursday, March 02, 2017

The lies of the pro-CRC downtown mafia crumble in an instant: an OREGON legislator proposes west-side I-5 bypass.

For years, the CRC/Loot Rail scamming downtown mafia types have been pushing the lie that replacing the I-5 Bridge is the ONLY deal Oregon will accept, therefore it's the ONLY deal we can make.

That lie is as much a lie as the lie that the I-5 Bridge is "unsafe."

Oregon legislators are not any more stupid than our own, to the extent they are well aware of the fact that the biggest part of the congestion issue we face in the I-5 corridor is the commuting traffic from Clark County to the area between and including west Portland to Hillsboro and beyond.

A bypass that goes from north county to Hillsboro or something in that general vicinity that completely bypasses Portland would resolve the issues of congestion and freight mobility that dog the issue of our cross river transportation problems while taking Oregon completely off the hook for eliminating the Rose Quarter bottleneck (for the next several years, of course).

Citing every reason the can think of or make up, the downtown mafia types like Jack Burkman and Annette Cleveland, citing the threat to their loot rail dream in Clark County, have already set about to make up reasons to oppose this obvious solution to the transportation issues confronting us.

Since the entire reason to replace the I-5 Bridge has been determined by the Oregon State Supreme Court is to ram loot rail down the throats of those of us who live in Clark County, any threat to that goal is going to be condemned no matter WHAT the obvious advantages over replacing the bridge are or even may be.

That's how the CRC Scammers rolled last time, and the same liars behind the last effort are the same liars behind THIS effort.

The reality is that this is a concept.  This concept, like any concept, can be tweaked to fix the specific realities of any particular routing problems and opponents damned well know it.

This is the obvious and cost-effective solution to the I-5 corridor saturation issue.  And instead of whining about the problems this solution presents (As if the I-5 Bridge replacement scam has ZERO problems) it is the job of these sniveling scum to FIND a way to make it happen.

And meanwhile?

Knock off the obvious lie that we have to take the I-5 Bridge scam deal because that's the ONLY deal Oregon would accept.

Knock off Cleveland's "compelling data" lie.  We all know that no matter WHAT data is provided; the downtown mafia scum would never admit that the west side bypass is a much better solution.  After all, like any democrat, figures don't lie, but liars figure... let's remember, democrats thought slavery was also a swell idea.

Further, there is ZERO data to suggest that wasting billions on a new I-5 Bridge that even the CRC Scammers admitted would only knock off 56 seconds from the southbound commute is, in any way, "compelling."  And it's just a damned shame that the downtown mafia types won't apply the same standard to their OWN lie of a project that they claim to want to apply to the scam they're running now to get their project built.

No matter what proofs are provided... no matter what the people of this county want, the CRC/Loot Rail scammers will ONLY settle for an I-5 Bridge loot rail rip off and they will settle for nothing less.
Oregon Rep. Julie Parrish, R-West Linn, said she appreciates the idea of adding lanes and infrastructure, but she’s not sure this is the correct route. Philosophically, she said, many Oregonians have a problem with tolls.
For the most part, it wouldn't BE "Oregonians" paying the tolls; it would be the people of Clark County.  And building this alternative would make the tolls optional, in that if those using the new bridge didn't WANT to pay a toll, they could feel free to continue to use the toll-less I-5 Bridge instead.

Imagine... giving the taxpayers a choice.

Who has ever HEARD such a thing?

The people of this county and the 65,000 commuting families who would have to pay the horrific tolls for the I-5 massive waste of money do not WANT the I-5 Bridge rip off, cannot AFFORD the I-5 Bridge rip off, and do not support the I-5 Bridge rip off.

And just like before, those shilling that extortion could care less what we want.... or that building their rip off will do absolutely nothing to resolve ANY cross-river transportation issue... while the west side bypass would resolve dozens.

Because that's how they roll.

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