Monday, March 06, 2017

The democratian makes it up: The Oil Terminal is actually a great idea.

Look, we all know the local cancer on our community is agenda-driven: they wrongly believe that they can simply insert their world-view into what our community should be and then they attack all who oppose them.

Stretching back years, the rag has falsely claimed that, for example, I-200 (which rid us of the cancer of affirmative action) would end the world as we knew it; that people would be dying in the streets if I-695 (The long-forgotten by Republicans $30 tab fee initiative) actually passed; that we should be ignored when it comes to the CRC Scam and then even when given a voice, with the advisory vote, instead of championing our voice, the rag told us to boycott those measures... which, of course, we refused to do... and that we would pass the pot initiative because they stupidly bought into the bogus revenue claims of those ho stood to gain financially if it passed... the claim by the campaign that $582 million or so would pour into the state's coffers if only we'd allow recreational pot.

NONE of the claims made by the rag happened when these measures passed.  In fact, nothing close to those fake claims took place.  They were lies promulgated by a leftist lie factory in an effort to inject their agenda into our community.

And the people rightfully rejected that garbage.

As they should reject the garbage the rag is spewing now on the oil terminal.

Like everything else in the world the rag likes or doesn't like, they feel compelled to tell you how and what to think.  They view democracy as a mere annoyance to be brushed aside when the untermenschen actually may want to express a view at the ballot box the rag wants to ignore.

Most recently, for example, the rag trashed the idea of a CRC/Loot Rail vote and who can forget the Yakima Millionaires baseball stadium fiasco... a tax on movie tickets to pay for a ballpark?  The rag thought that was a GREAT idea.  Allow the unclean masses to vote on it?

Pish posh.

The same arrogance drives the idea that an oil terminal should not be built in Vancouver.

 The obvious hypocrisy of opponents of this development reek.  They ALL use petroleum products but then they would ALL tell us how "bad" such a facility would be.

The rag, being the rag, has to lie to further their agenda, wrongly and falsely claiming this is a "quality of life issue."

Well, the reality is this:  The Columbian as a propaganda organ has done more to damage our quality of life and divide our community into opposites has done far more damage to our quality of life than any oil terminal could.

The bizarre idea that building an oil terminal in Vancouver would in any way define who and what this community is, ranks right up there with the rags "bodies in the streets if I-695 passes" argument.

So, the answer to the bizarre question asked by the rag is simple: we want to be the kind of community that puts people to work.  We want to be the kind of community that engages in commerce on a global scale.  We want to be the kind of community that allows business to operate at will, as long as those operations are safe and do not damage the community around them.

So, yes: I want the damned terminal built.  Because the entirety of the opposition's case is not that it isn't going to be safe; not that it isn't going to put people to work with family wage jobs, not that those whining about the terminal don't use petroleum products... oh, no...

But instead that they simply don't like it.

Well, as the years have shown and their actions have proven, the local excuse for a newspaper should be put out of business for causing a great deal more harm than this terminal.

And that the rag doesn't happen to like it or want it? That usually is one of the strongest arguments that it should be built.

Citing the "culture of the Pacific Northwest" as if they actually spoke for it goes to an arrogance that would make Mussolini... or Lefty Lou Brancaccio.... blush.

In short, the rag provides zero reasons not to build this facility, save for one: they... the Columbian... doesn't want it.

And if I heard no other reason to build it, that one would suffice.  Because for decades, what this fungus on our society wants has run counter to the demands of the people living here.  And now, their pleas are based on what they want us to believe we, as a community, think.

But when the city of Vancouver wants to sue the voters into silence over, say, the Pollard Hilton, well, that's just swell.  Or when the CTran board wants to ignore the vote of the people expressed at the polls on Bus Rapid Transit so we can watch the beauty of mostly empty buses most of the time after raping us with tax increases... they applaud.  Or when the idea of actually giving the people of this community a say is screwing us over hundreds of millions of tolls so the rag can get their precious loot rail into our county?  Yup... they led the cheers then and will lead them again... as they are today.

And this is the sort of thing that makes the rag so dangerous.  They warp reality, twist the truth and engage in exaggeration to get what they want... and to hell with what the people want.

This... is them....doing that.

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