Saturday, March 04, 2017

At some point, Lefty Lou Brancaccio is going to break his own shoulder, patting himself on the back.

One of the things we can count on from the local cancer on our community is the aircraft carrier-sized ego of Lyin' Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Lefty has always... wrongfully... believed himself to be the smartest guy in the room.

The reality is that many around here wouldn't allow Lefty to run an elevator for them.

But Lefty's cult of self-adulation is only exceeded by his narcissistic desire to prove what a great guy he is.  And, as a leftist, hypocritical tool with the integrity of an MLK crack dealer,  there is no doubt that those who share his hatred of all things to the right of Mao politically probably believe he's been quite useful in achieving their aims.

And to prove it, our resident megalomaniac felt compelled to actually copy and paste all the fringe-left nutburgers who share his bizarre world views accolades for doing his best to destroy this community since his unfortunate arrival here... and hopefully, his rapid departure at some point (not unlike John "Cockroach" Baird's departure) will take place sooner, rather than later.

Meanwhile, the list of comments at his tenure here running his cesspool did not include a single negative observation.  It did, however, include an "anonymous" comment from a gutless Clark County Judge.
 “I have been around a while, and I have never seen a better example of how the voice of the people, that is the press, can effect positive change in government.
“Your work in exposing the cancer in the county commissioner’s office was unrelenting, brave and spectacularly effective.”
— From a judge in Clark County
The utterly pathetic nature of an unprovable and inaccurate comment like this...pathetic in that Lefty would use it... and equally pathetic that the Judge in question was too much  of a coward to allow his name to be used... if, in fact, a judge actually spewed such a comment... completely sums up the abysmal, hate filled, corrupted and dishonest tenure of the scumbag who did more to divide and damage this community and grow the hatred than any other single individual.

Isn't it odd that Lefty isn't exposing the cancer in our CURRENT "commissioner's office?"

A liar who falsified his campaign finance forms?  A thug who has abused the executive session laws?

Where's Lefty's jihad about that?  Isn't it strange that it seems the rag hasn't printed ONE WORD about the PDC removing Boldt from any further campaign control?  You know... the guy who runs THIS COUNTY, but can't even run his own campaign?

And that's not even worth a MENTION in the daily democrat?

Or is that "different" somehow?  Perhaps it's because Marc Boldt bought off the rag by ignoring state law and making sure the democratian could continue to rape the taxpayers by paying the rag FAR more necessary for those "official notice" ads?

Brave?  The man is a gutless coward who uses his position to beat the hell out of people who cannot fight back.

His dishonesty in this column (And when, in God's name, will this clown EVER shut up?) is par for his particular course.

And that this long list of fringe left scum would continue to wear out kneepads in front of him is as despicable as he is.

Lefty, I urge you to stop.  First, no one cares.  You're a has-been who never was.

Second, I seriously doubt your shoulder can take much more of this.

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