Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why are Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, Rep. Paul Harris and Rep. Brandon Vick betraying us again on the I-5 Bridge?

So, the never-say-die leftists of Clark County are resurrecting the CRC zombie again... and this time, they're doing it with the help of a couple of RINOs named Harris and Vick.

This doesn't bode well for the people of this county.  Vick doesn't get coffee without Rivers approving it, having learned his lesson by watching what Rivers did in recruiting and running another RINO against incumbent Rep. Liz Pike (R-18) because Pike was so outspoken in her opposition to Rivers' betrayal of the 18th District and Clark County generally when she hanged a $700 million gas tax/tab fee bill around our necks to help King County and Spokane to pay for their horrific wastes of billions in return for $200 million in projects that really only serve those who write her campaign checks.

That means that Rivers is betraying us once again... as if screwing us on the gas tax wasn't enough of a rape of our wallets.  And that likely means fellow RINO Lynda Wilson is on board as well.

I messaged Vick yesterday, asking him the following:
OK.... help me out here. Explain to me why you're selling us out on the CRC scam, again?
The message was read at 1:55 pm yesterday and Vick, being Vick, has joined the "ignore your constituent" cabal that consists of both himself and Rivers... because he refused to answer.

How sad is it that my senator and one of my state representatives refuse to reply to me as a constituent because they're afraid of me.

This is yet another example of the non-representative, arrogant style of government of Steve Stuart, Marc Boldt, Ann Rivers, Paul Harris and now, Brandon Vick... the "I don't speak for the people... I only speak for me" style of government so favored by leftists and RINOs.

The bill that Rivers has sold us out on is SB 5806.  The other two have sold us out on HB 2095, both of which focus entirely on an I-5 Bridge replacement to the exclusion of the other many more relevant solutions to our cross-river transportation problems.

Rivers has proven her expertise on betrayal already, so this sell out comes as no particular surprise, and I do hope the price was right.

This time.

The other two have never particularly impressed me... but they should know better.

Pity this isn't an election year.

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