Sunday, February 05, 2017

Well, it's a start: LA Times claims Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for deportation

Here's the article.

Not just 'bad hombres': Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for deportation 

Actually, 8 million is likely a "conservative" estimate.

(Sorry.  I couldn't help myself.)

I remain convinced that after the known criminal element is booted out, the remainder can be forced to leave through self-deportation... and rather easily, at that.

I have been advocating an end to this illegal alien destination resort we've developed here... literally for decades.

Hold employers accountable for hiring illegals: confiscate all of their assets.

End illegal's ability to own property.

Require proof of citizenship to use public services: welfare, schools, owning and/or operating any business.

Prohibit the use of any taxpayer-paid service to any illegal.

Require proof of citizenship to vote.

Immediately deport any illegal arrested for a crime... including misdemeanors.

After all, that's what they do in, say, Mexico. These steps are relatively straightforward and easily accomplished.  After all, if you don't think it's "right" or "fair" to keep illegals from owning property, keep in mind that LEGAL residents of Mexico are forbidden from owning property in their "restricted" zone.
Foreign Ownership of Property in Mexico. The Mexican Constitution regulates the ownership of land and declares that ... within a zone of 100 kilometers from the border or 50 kilometers from the coast, a foreigner cannot acquire the direct ownership of the land. These areas are known as Restricted or Prohibited Zones.
The question boils down to this:  Do we end the problem of illegal aliens... or don't we?

At base, it's that simple.

Because what we're doing now?

Ain't making that happen.

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