Monday, February 13, 2017

So, ICE is coming after the illegal aliens to clean up Obama's mess: the left freaks.

As expected, the President has unleashed the DoJ and ICE to finally get around to enforcing the laws concerning immigration and the democrat's voter base is taking a serious hit as a result.

A paltry 960,000 illegal aliens are currently under deportation orders; as many as 3,000,000 face deportation as a result of criminal activity on their part... most of them on Obama's watch.

During the course of these enforcement actions, a percentage of those picked up and deported have zero criminal record but are, in fact, here illegally.

I have no problem with that.

As a result of these steps, a certain umber will pick up and leave on their own.  A small number have already set about to leave theUS and make their way to Canada, which for now... but certainly not indefinitely... are welcoming them with open arms.

Yeah, Canada!

The left is adding this to their growing vat of butthurt over the President's election and subsequent actions... as he sets about to fulfill his campaign promises.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

We will now be bombarded with articles and news reports of "families being split up."

I don't care.  I wish I could... but I can't.

Life, you see, is a series of choices.  I do not, for example, feel as badly about a junkie overdosing as I do about a child dying of Leukemia.

Perhaps it's because, over the past decade, most of the news has been "bad."

But I am sick of paying for the choices that others make.  And I am particularly sick of those wagging the dog with THEIR decision to come here illegally, THEIR decision to bring illegal children, THEIR decision to HAVE children in THIS country.

As these illegals along with the other criminal elements here illegally get rounded up and deported, others will leave on their own accord.  It is, after all, better to leave on your terms than it is to be hauled away for breaking the law at some random point.

We have heard for years that there is no way... NO WAY... that anyone could deport the millions of illegals already here.

That's nonsense, of course.  We have the means, and up until now, all we've lacked is the will.

We do not have to actively round these people up.  We merely have to continue these raids while we get rid of the destination resort we've made for these illegals.

End the reasons they come here... and you'll end them coming here.

Simple, really.

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