Sunday, February 05, 2017

Politics:coming out at the speed of a fire hose on full blast.

Part of the problem here is that as a society, we are used to our presidents using a rather sedate pace of governance.

Something more than the speed of set concrete.... but also not at the speed of light in a vacuum.

What Trump is doing logistically is such a shock to our political comfort zone... not so much WHAT he has done; after all is anyone continuing to be surprised by the actions themselves?

Or is the fear factor more based on the rapidity and volume of which he's doing it?

At the national level, the leftists are merely mirroring the Lefty Lou Brancaccio technique of trashing Trump every day, all day... make no mistake: there is absolutely nothing Trump can do that will meet with the approval of the leftist/RINO types infesting us.

When this is drawn up on the conference room whiteboard, they likely use a pie chart.

X percentage leftist and unapproachable/unwavering.

Y percentage RINO and butthurt that an RINO candidate didn't make the general:  (Chris Vance immediately comes to mind)

A percentage of supporters of the "I could shoot someone and they'd stand by me" variety.

B percentage of supporters who acted out of fear over the alternatives.

C percentage of supporters  completely independent.

M percentage of those who neither supporters or opponents persuadable.

There may be other categories or course... but you get the gist.

In addition, the LOCATIONS of these people are as critical as the numbers themselves, since nothing is going to happen to change the Electoral College.

From this kind of formula, one can derive the following:

There are a certain group of people which, no matter what Trump does, they will oppose it merely because he's Trump.

There's also a certain group of people that would continue to support Trump if they had proof he'd knocked over a 7-11 on the way to church.

The statistical groups in the center are where the money (so to speak) is to be made.

Understanding the nature and depth of support is a critical element.

One can imagine a pro football coach pacing the sideline with the playlist in his hand.  The difference is that the President has told everyone the plays ahead of time.

 What Mr. Trump has is the best offense in politics.  What the leftists have is the worst defense.

Part of playing defense in football is predicting what the offense will do.  Yet, even knowing ahead of time what plays Trump was going to call, all the defense of the left can do is go out on the field and punch the refs.

 The President's complete lack of predictability in a given situation is to his advantage and his opponent's dismay.

But to date, Mr. Trump is just running the playlist he drew up during the campaign.  He's calling the plays... and the plays work more than they don't.

Meanwhile, the left sees how increasingly irrelevant they have become.  Their reaction is straight out of the Brown Shirt playbook.

Violence.  Assaults.  Riots.  Destruction.

To date, I believe that Mr. Trump's rapid political action has kept them off balance.  Soros and the minions he owns in Congress come across like a group of pathetic out-of-touch chumps, flailing around in an effort to find something... anything... that will get at least SOME traction... so they break into THEIR standard playbook of character assassination and name-calling that has worked so well in the past when the leaders of the GOP lacked the testicular fortitude to ignore it.

Mr. Trump has no such constraints.

Yesterday, for example, one of the paid protesters the left favors was actually carrying a protest sign that was half professionally printed on the top with the hashtag #OPPOSE, while the bottom half was blank, and someone had written in "Gorsuch."

The meaning, of course, is clear: the leftist slime would have opposed ANYONE Trump picked.  And that means the left are not remotely interested in constructive engagement.

But I'm fine with that... because you see, they just don't have the numbers.  And as they throw themselves around in their oh-so-carefully-orchestrated hissy-fits, the fact remains:

They have no one to blame but themselves.

Right now, then, the left is playing a weak hand that consists of delay and obstruct.  Because of the short-sightedness of Harry Reid, most of the minority protections built into the Senate Rules have disappeared. Essentially, there is nothing the minority can do to stop anything, short of blowing up the Capitol.

And seriously, if that were to happen, would anyone really be surprised?

There was no way by anyone to anticipate that Mr. Trump would act so quickly on so many issues.

But he has and he is.

And if this is the best the leftists can do, they are not long in the political realm... because they are losing even more ground... and fast.

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