Monday, February 27, 2017

Kommissar McCauley:"The beatings will continue until morale improves,,, and NONE of this is MY fault."

When you have a guy who's set himself up as a gauleiter of the county staff who answers to 4 clueless stooges, the result of a complete failure of leadership is frequently going to be the results we have today as indicated by county staff.

The true éminence grise of Clark County is Mark McCauley, the "Manager."

And apparently, on his watch, Clark County employee morale has plummeted.

Given how much the local cancer on our community covers for county government, you know it MUST be bad for the rag to even mention this issue.

McCauley, who got this sweet deal thanks to RINO support of my incompetent, officially-banned-by-the-PDC-from-running-his-own-campaigns brother-in-law, doesn't answer to anyone.

Remember back in the days of David Madore being on the council?  Anytime he said anything about county government, the leftists whined that such was the job of Marc Boldt, who at his best has a difficult time stringing together two coherent thoughts if Jimmy Mains isn't around to tell him what to do.

Now, of course, Boldt doesn't seem to be mentioned, let alone quoted, about why county employee morale sucks.

McCauley, BEING McCauley, naturally blames everyone and everything else but himself.  The whipping boys for current piss-poor morale are, naturally, Don Benton and David Madore.

Of course, of the two examples in the story where morale is allegedly good, those same two people were here during that time, right?  So those guys being here are somehow to blame for morale where it's poor, but not where it isn't?

Makes perfect sense.

The rag naturally doesn't dig any deeper than that, which is not surprising given that to the minds of the democratian, those two are responsible for every problem known to government.

Here's the thing: Benton hasn't been there for the better part of a year and his department was vaporized.

And while he was there the rag... and McCauley and his winged monkeys... did everything they could to hammer the perceptions of Benton.

What would they expect the outcome to be?  McCauley not only got rid of Benton, he seems to have gotten rid of anyone that didn't loathe the man as much as he, McCauley happens to loathe him.

This kind of article is what we've come to expect from the rag,  given the sloppiness that passes for journalism at the democratian.  It's not terribly surprising, then, that neither this article nor the failure of the rag to include the report itself in PDF form... you know.... so we can read it ourselves and form our own conclusions without self-serving pap by McCauley to explain it all... to pollute the conclusions?  ...would do anything different... like have the reporter actually interview county employees themselves to get their take.

After all, we mustn't do anything to screw up the meme... and imagine the fall out if the truth came out that the hideous numbers were a result of the leadership/management vacuum caused by the 4 Stooges (Boldt/Blom/Stuart/Olson) and this insidious form of government were crippled with were actually the cause.

Here's a clue: if you pillory anyone who works for you for years, it's hard to believe that such an outcome wouldn't be the result.

McCauley, for his part, refused to take any responsibility for any of this, even though he was in charge of the staff for much of that time.

Didn't the Army learn you better'n that, boy?

Here's the thing that's also missing from this article: the true indicator of "employee morale" is the vacancy rate.

Surely, vast swathes of departments have no one working in them because so many people have quit, right?

Boldt, for his part, wasn't asked to comment, even though, as we were repeatedly reminded while Madore was there, BOLDT was supposed to be the voice of the council.

And I understand why Marc wasn't asked.  Because he knows more about performing an abdominal resection than he does what's going on in his shop.

Let's remember: I worked for this guy Boldt for six years in the legislature... and management wasn't particularly his thing.  For example, he would have me fill out my own employee evaluation reports.. then he'd just sign them.  Once I literally wrote that I was the greatest employee in the history of House staff and that the only reason I didn't walk on water was that I didn't like wet shoes.

He signed it and it went in if memory serves.

Between the PDC neutering this guy and this outcome, is it any wonder much of county staff appears to be contemplating professional suicide?

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