Friday, January 06, 2017

Wow. See, when the democratian wants to, they actually can link to my blog....

Of course, the bias and the slant has to be there... and, well, gee, if someone at the rag were to contact me and ask me what was going on, well, then, they'd have to actually engage in the appearance of fairness and accuracy and we can't have that, can we?

Look, I freely admit that I'm not a member of the CCRP.  I do not have a position there, have not been involved in the Party for several years now (Six or so?)and, in fact, no longer consider myself to be a Republican.

And I certainly do forgive Dake for committing the typically cardinal sin of ever linking to my meager effort... and I do apologize for not addressing this sooner... I just found out about it a few moments ago.  It does a nice job of explaining the unexplained slight readership bump.  (+20 or so beyond the average)

The bizarre aspect of this is, I suppose that any of the people so upset with me would give a damn WHAT I have to say.  After all, if a political low-life such as Carolyn Crain is to be believed, no one reads my meager effort anyway.

I even acknowledge a much:
The blog that NOBODY reads... but everyone gets upset about. Exposing the dark underside of the political world of Clark County, Washington... The least read and most talked about blog around.
But as is all too often the case, Dake has blown it.

The reality is that the story is factually incorrect. 

I am not and have not been a Republican for years now.

Because of many of the candidates running this cycle, my ballot looks much more like Jim Moeller filled it out instead of a "Republican."

In fact, I voted for Moeller.

So, the idea that *I* am the cause of disunity may play well, but it's one of those things that a simple mistake which a phone call... or email... MAY have avoided.

That all begs the question as to why the democratian would be interested in writing about this subject in the first place, besides the obvious...

What I have done is point out the obvious: several people involved in the local GOP have done a great deal of damage to it for their own purposes.

Now, all of a sudden, those on the right side of the political spectrum here locally are supposed to forget all that and treat them like the prodigal sons and daughters they'd like to be, so they can get the local GOP goodies and support...  it had nothing to do with the party in question; that was only the means to the RINO end.

The REASON I point out the idiocy of such a plan is simple: many of these people (Most?) govern me.

I am directly impacted by their dishonesty, their lies, their lack of integrity and the very idea that in spite of those proven records on their part, we should all sit around the camp fire and sing the old spirituals or some such nonsense and act like nothing happened... like our taxes have not and will not go up any higher... like the fees that were finally getting under control won't take off like a rocket and the laws/ordinances these people will pass won't damage us, cost us or restrict our freedoms in any way.


So, to that end, this isn't about GOP "unity" as Dake and, for that matter, the local GOP chair would want people to believe.

This is about the bizarre concept of holding politicians accountable for what they do no matter WHO they are or WHAT letter is after their name, an apparently entirely arcane concept completely unfamiliar to the local democrat daily newsletter.

But when some of the local political pond scum like Carolyn Crain, who is as responsible for our tax and fee increases as Marc Boldt, since she pounds the conservatives running and who continues to want to get rid of those of the conservative bent from both elected office and the local GOP says something cryptic like:
David is absolutely intent on getting the Republicans in the county as unified as possible. He has some great ideas and taking him at his word I felt it was important to at least give him the benefit of a doubt. In other words, let's try and help work it out rather than be standing back and fighting him on this effort. There are absolutely split factions still inside the party as was very evident at the event that both the prior county party leadership and our current chair David Gellatly made sure EVERYONE was invited to attend. Did we attend? Yes some of us did. I was there. My answer to this issue surrounding KJ and all 7 or 8 of his followers is "Give Peace a Chance".
I hope we can find civil discourse within our own ranks and appreciate those things which we are concurring on. 
It's as if she's brain damaged.  Where was this version of Crain before her efforts and those of the other RINOs to take over the local GOP blew up in their collective faces... again?

No where.  It didn't exist.

Even now, her oh, so superior language REEKS with superiority and arrogance... and I get that, since, as the one THE most guilty of attempting to tear the party to shreds she HAS to say something.

Crain, best known, I suppose, for endorsing fringe-left hate-monger and fellow Admin of the C3G2 hate site, Chuck Green; shows the hypocrisy necessary to say ANYTHING about or to me concerning "unity," and given how much she's fought to rip the local GOP apart, that's the kind of crap that deserves an in-kind response.

You see, I'm not interested in Crain's "give peace a chance" garbage.  For me, it's much more like the President-Elect's campaign story of the snake:

Crain and her fellow travelers are, of course, the snakes in question.

They see an opportunity to reestablish their RINO control of the local party, and the current chair appears to be more than willing to help them in that effort.

The reality is, however, that of my 20 odd years of political experience, business and legislative staff work, I know who the snakes are around here.

And shining a light on the snakes... when their actions... directly or indirectly, impact ME?

Is what I do.

The irony of Crain's screed in response... besides her political treason of the highest order... is her phrase:
My answer to this issue surrounding KJ and all 7 or 8 of his followers is "Give Peace a Chance".

With Crain, there is only one acceptable peace: hers.  She thinks she can get it through the current chair.

If she can't, she will continue to be the same disruptive, divisive force SHE has been to the democratian's enjoyment for the past 2 years.

To the extent that I am not, as Dake's bogus face shot would inform you,"...about forgiveness or moving on or unity," that is completely irrelevant.

What I am opposed to is the bizarre idea that those who want to take over the GOP believe they have done nothing wrong and correspondingly, see absolutely no reason to change their behavior, which means they will CONTINUE to be the damaging, divisive force they've been for so long.

That the chair of this organization wants to grant them a full pardon not unlike Obama and his drug dealers is the thing.  "Forgiving" or "moving on" may have a place IF those guilty acknowledge they've sinned, so to speak, and pledge never to do it again... but that hasn't happened, and it won't.

Our president-elect won his office in part because of his utilization of the snake song lyrics.

The RINOs and the new chair would have us ignore that little ditty.


Not so much.

And here's a memo, Ms. Dake.

Lying about me (and your little effort DID lie about me) does nothing to further your cause except in your own mind... as you toss red meat into the gaping maws of your fellow leftists.

Leaving out my written motivation for this issue (which was in the very thread you reference)... putting words in my mouth... saying garbage such as "Hinton, who frequently brutally blasts people he doesn’t agree with 100 percent" is why I hold you and that rag you work for in such contempt.

You see, over the years, I've learned from the most brutal writers of all: those who have worked for that cancer on our community that employs Ms. Dake.  They taught me everything I know.

And Dake's hypocrisy in using labels like that considering who SHE works for?


I get that Dake and her fellow leftists have been given this platform by Lefty Lou so they can ignore the requirements of journalism and write their "opinion," and that their "opinion" doesn't have to be factual.

Because much of what Dake wrote here in her assassination piece is anything but.

Meanwhile, I'll puzzle over why this story was worth putting in the democratian lie section... or why anyone pissed off about what I wrote even begins to be concerned about my little tiny effort.

No one reads it.  No one believes it... so for those who are SO bent out of shape over this... that begs the question:

Why do you even care?

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