Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thanks, CNN: How much longer until the left spills major blood in the streets?

We already know that the DNC paid operatives to spill blood at Trump rallies.  We know that Leftists have assaulted Trump supporters... or have even killed at least one person who joked about supporting him.

Now we all also know that multiple conspiracies are afoot to disrupt the inauguration.

The plans are mostly known in advance.  The anger and hatred of the left is becoming increasingly less contained.  Will tomorrow be the day that, as CNN obviously hopes, someone uses that hatred to assassinate the President, thereby, according to CNN, keeping an "Obama cabinet appointee" in the office of the presidency?

But let's take it a step further.

What, in fact, happens if CNN's fantasy actually takes place?

Where are we as a country.... how do we treat the wildly applauding leftist scum who would never PUBLICLY advocate such a move, but who, for example, on the C3G2 hate site here locally and others like it around the country, would be literally doing cartwheels in the street?

What does our government do?  How do we make sure that the stain of Obama is eliminated before COB tomorrow?

Would martial law be declared?  The Guard activated?  Active units spread around the country to maintain order?

What would the machinations for Federal government be?  What if it was determined that terrorists were behind this theoretical assassination, let alone the leftists who dream of this... fantasize about this.... fire up their voodoo dolls over this?

Locally, the fringe-left sheep are going to have a field day regardless.

The leftist scum infesting us, of course, have the right to express their opinion on any subject, let alone their massive butthurt at the humiliation they... and their candidate... suffered at the hands of this political upstart.

But they have no right to block me.  They have no right to destroy my property.  They have no right to inconvenience me in ANY way since the reality is that their rights end where my nose begins.

That, of course, does not end with just me:

Riots will break out around the country.  Ironically, in almost every instance, the damage, the injury, the pain and the anger will be directed at fellow political allies, who will have supported their political aims.... essentially, the election of another leftist.  These riots will take place in urban centers that were foolish enough to have voted overwhelmingly for Sanders/Clinton.

In Portland, for example, these scum caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the taxpayers... as they used Trump's election as an excuse.

Most of those organizing these violations of the rights of the bystanders CLAM that these riots will be "peaceful protests."  But what happens when that falls apart?

They CERTAINLY have no right to disrupt the inauguration.  Does that mean that CNN has the right to disguise their hope that the leaders of the incoming Administration, including the President-elect, be killed tomorrow, preferably before he's sworn in, in something masquerading as news?

This isn't Portland, where if they're punished at all, they get what amounts to a traffic ticket.  This is DC, where many of the things these people want to do amount to federal violations and, up front, the Trump Administration should warn all of these people that efforts to disrupt the inauguration will violate federal laws and have federal penalties attached to them... with each violation getting the greatest possible sentence and fine.

My guess is that CNN's masturbatory fetish has been anticipated in ways that the Clinton News Network has zero knowledge of in advance by the incoming Administration, and the needed steps will be taken to make sure that what CNN WANTS to happen will not, in fact, take place.... even if the left achieves their goal to spill blood in Washington D.C.

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