Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lyin' Lefty Lou departs: Benton White House appointment likely caused a stroke.

There are many things in life that I miss.

My mom, for one, who left this mortal coil some 26 years ago.

My brother, who died of a stroke 12 years ago.

Locally, the death of common sense and honor in our local RINO contingent.

Our relationship with Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers who showed her true colors in ways I simply could not ignore when she violated her campaign pledge to oppose the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in our states history, relegating her integrity and honor to a distant second behind the special interests who own her like the 13th Amendment is the 13th suggestion... putting this entire county into $700 million in debt.

But one thing I miss the most after those is adherence to the science of journalism.

And here locally, the very embodiment of that departure is the crusading fringe left tool, Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Perhaps THE most destructive, divisive force in the region, Lefty Lou was the prototype of bullies.

There was no one to the right of Lenin that escaped his vitriol, lies, exaggerations and assaults.

If he liked you, however, (Rivers, for example) you could get away with murder and he'd ignore it, as long as you kissed his ring... or ass... or both.

He helped maneuver the RINO crew of, among others, Boger, Crain, Rivers, Harris, Blom, Boldt, Stewart, Wilson, Olson, et al, into doing the democrat's bidding while they were too stupid to know it.

His decade-long campaign of lies in support of the hated CRC/loot rail scam is the stuff of legend.  His efforts to destroy local county government because he was pissed off at David Madore for his work in blowing up that bridge led to his years-long anti-Madore fetish that has become the blueprint for many fringe-left nut jobs everywhere.

And now that this clown, who us deserving of the title "Cancer on our Community" has accomplished the damage and destruction he set out to achieve on that horrific day he parachuted in, what are the odds he will stay here in the midst of the mess he did so much to cause?

I am thankful for his departure.  His damage, you see was not limited to the community.  It also encompassed the rag he worked for and why Scott Campbell put up with that mismanagement and half the county refusing to buy that toxic rag is beyond me.

That Campbell DID put up with it doesn't bode well for Lefty's replacement.  Much like John "Cockroach" Laird, the one to fill that chair will not be measurably different.

While the Lazy C CAN become a force for truth, honesty and integrity, I ain't gonna hold my breath.

So, to Lyin' Lefty Lou, I say this: you won't be missed and you'll soon be forgotten, just like your predecessor.

As Shakespeare put it,  nothing was so becoming in his career as the ending of it.

Alss, years too late.

Feel free to do us all a favor and get out.  It will take years to repair the damage you caused... but I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

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