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When you think you're the smartest guy in the room and you're not: the Crain/Boger debacle.

As regular readers know, their was a RINO movement led by Carolyn Crain and Brent Boger to continue their effort to remove conservatives from the GOP here locally, either in elective office or the local party organization.

As it turned out, the leftists never stood a chance.

Every effort they made was decisively defeated.

Now, this caused both Crain and Boger to vaporlock, of course; Crain, who co-moderates the leftist C3G2 hate site immediately went there and whined... (as if the democrats infesting that site needed to know) is even delusional enough to claim that the PCO's "passed my amendment to the Primary Purpose clause..." when in fact, her amendment was co-opted and turned against her by limiting the scope to endorsing only those who both "support the platform and the Republican core principles." 

As Christian Berrigan explained it:
One of my hilights from the organization meeting yesterday was when Carolyn Crain introduced a poison pill amendment to bylaws stating (interpretation) our primary purpose is to elect anyone with an R after their name even if they are a Hillary Cilnon, Good Space Guy, or David Duke.
Our new State Committeeman Joseph Wagner amended it to elect all republicans "who support our platform and core principles."
This of course takes their poison pill and turns it into their worst nightmare ... literally. Because they don't want candidates to declare their positions on our platform issues at all.
The amendment passed then the amended motion passed.
The fact that Carolyn is not only the unwitting cause of this wonderful development, but is also bragging to the 3c2g hate group as her "accomplishment" has me pinching myself.
Yes Carolyn, we now have as our primary purpose supporting Republicans who support our platform and core principles.
We certainly could have done it without you, but we never would have attempted it without your encouragement.
Crain is too dense to realize that her incessant yammering against GOP principles and over on the C3G2 hate site, reaching out for leftist affirmation, is one of the many reasons she'll never be elected to dog catcher.

Here, she's simply too ignorant to even understand how even her one claimed victory is, in fact, a huge defeat.

 Here's Crain's own whining, sniveling words in her hate group as she looks for a leftist "group hug."
This post is partisan so if you all don't want to read it I totally understand. 
Today the Clark County Republican PCO's failed to show up in enough force to take our party back. Missing 20 people we only passed my amendment to the Primary Purpose clause... 
They passed a horrid amendment to the vetting of candidates. They also gained all the seats and the party is even more in control of the Libertarian faction than we were before. Three years of hard work all for naught because people didn't come to the most important meeting of the next two years.
I am soooooo frustrated.
Signing off on this battle and ready to just do Christmas, donations, and frankly be happy something is going right!

Rich Rogers
Rich Rogers Who was elected to leadership
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain The chair is probably the most moderate of them although he has been involved with Kenny and Christian. His name is David Gellatly. The vice-CHAIR is Leslie Meharry. State committeeman is Joseph Wagner, and Katja Delavar is still the state committeewoman.
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Linda Noble Tubbs
Linda Noble Tubbs Carolyn Crain I thought Katja was no longer a PCO? Thanks for the update Carolyn.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain Linda Noble Tubbs She is not a pco... Sean Guard removed her from that elected seat but she retained her seat on the board as state committeewoman! UGH!
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Chuck Green
Chuck Green I have gotten to know David Gellatly over the past year. While he may be more conservative than I am and we may disagree on issues, I find that he does take time to do research and we can have debates in a civil manner. I think he will provide more middle-right leadership in the CCRP than Kenny Smith, which I think will help the party.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain Chuck Green I agree with that assessment. It is the other 8 members which raise concerns.
Steve McGillis
Steve McGillis I'm truly sorry to hear this, Carolyn. While I'm not an R, I was truly hoping you guys could unseat the nut cases.
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Michele Wollert
Michele Wollert Well, the Democrats received disappointing election news on the national front not long ago, too, so I sympathize. We all must be needing a good lesson in something, not so sure yet what that might be. I like this tweet from Kirk Eichenwald today because it seems to be relevant to this loss experience, no matter what the opposing persons are. Just substitute Democrat or Republican with whatever noun you choose. BTW, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend Micheline. I know her friendship meant a great deal to you.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain It is just so disappointing when we work so hard for decent civil discourse so that solutions can be sought to deal with another two years of this. I won't continue because the names I'd call would be rude. Sigh...
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Michele Wollert
Michele Wollert Carolyn We just hang out with those who are kind, no matter what party they support. And turn off the damned news.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain Amen to that sister!
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Betty Sue Morris
Betty Sue Morris I've been watching the Hallmark channel and Paw Patrol. Better for my psyche than the news channels. You might try than out😉
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Jeanne Caswell
Jeanne Caswell Merry Christmas Carolyn
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain You too!
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John M. Kowalski
John M. Kowalski Thank you. You just gave me the perfect idea for re-branding the Democratic Party.
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John M. Kowalski
John M. Kowalski Carolyn Crain Sorry, I want my team to win.
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Cyndi Powers
Cyndi Powers The last place I wanted to be today was there but it was important so I showed up. I'm sure you felt the same way. Very disappointed others didn't. Hope you have a merry Christmas Carolyn.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain Thank you for trying Cyndi! You have a good Christmas too.
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Candy Bonneville
Candy Bonneville Hang in there sister, this too shall pass.
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Debbie Nelson
Debbie Nelson Oh! You put your heart into this! So sorry for the further loss to civility that this will create.
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Terry Whipps Conner
Terry Whipps Conner My girl, from having seen you fervently allocating the very best slate, I understand the disappointment. But, as we agreed (I think😁) don't take this as a loss, but a break. CCRP and the PCO's look to your integrity. Take this month for you now. You're well backed for the new year. I love you with all my heart, girlfriend.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain Thank you I love you too!
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Bridget McLeman
Bridget McLeman Bummer. Break time.
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Boger, for his part, nearly exploded.  But since he's so hot to land a judgeship, he immediately tried to make nice.  I almost hope he gets it, because that would eliminate his incessant whining from the GOP scene, and end his efforts to interfere... but putting him into any position of authority requiring "judgment" is a frightening prospect.

The irony of all of this is that local RINOs like Julie Olsen, Ann Rivers and Paul Harris showed up... which they rarely bother to do except when they stupidly listen to political morons like Crain and Boger and they want to be there to be in on "the kill."  Needless to say, they went away disappointed.

Rumor has it that Crain KNEW she had it in the bag, so she had Kathy McDonald, another RINO she was running for State Committeewoman, cancel her visit to Vegas to be here for this debacle.  How wrong she was... and in the process, Crain proved herself to be utterly incompetent.

Pride, I'm given to understand, goes before a fall.  Her 3 years of being a damaging, divisive force for the left and her fellow RINOs (
"Three years of hard work all for naught") and her complete incompetence and lies availed her nothing.

This is what happens when you're SOOOO sure you're right... so arrogant... so smart...

And so clueless.

This is a textbook version of that.

Bonus observation:

Chuck Green I have gotten to know David Gellatly over the past year. While he may be more conservative than I am and we may disagree on issues, I find that he does take time to do research and we can have debates in a civil manner. I think he will provide more middle-right leadership in the CCRP than Kenny Smith, which I think will help the party.
"... more conservative than I am?"

MAO was more conservative than you are, Chuckie. You're a million light years away from conservative, you neo-communist putz.  Is it any wonder you used Crain's endorsement in your campaign against fellow leftist Julie Olson and then made Crain a moderator of your little hate group... or that Crain would run to your leftist klatch and snivel?

"...civil manner?"

Chuckie, you're running a leftist hate group.  You don't know the meaning of the word "civil."

"... which I think will help the party."

Chuckie, you're a fringe-left whack job.  "The Party" as it sits right now, today, is WILDLY successful in every way.  Your fellow leftists typically get hammered like a nail anywhere outside Vancouver... the VAST majority of office holders in this county are Republican... exactly what "help" do you believe the party needs... except your... and Crain's... help to lose elections?

You see, these are all examples of Crain's political treason, her cluelessness and why the left can't get elected dogcatcher outside the Vancouver Soviet.

Crain, when you're lying down with dogs, you ARE going to catch their fleas.  Clearly you are utterly incapable of any introspection.  The responsibility for your humiliation and the show of your (and Boger's) incompetence is no one's fault but your own.

You see, if you want to be a meaningful member of the GOP, YOU have to fit in WITH THEM.  And, of course, if you don't like it, you can stop your bogus efforts to flip the local GOP into democrat light and just switch parties.

Clearly, your fellow leftists would love to have you and you certainly wouldn't be missed.  Who wants a liar in their group?

You remind me of a muslim refugee coming to this country and then demanding that this country allow you to implement sharia law.

That's not how this works.  That's not how any of this works.

And there's zero hope for you as long as you sell out to them.  That said, you made your miserable bed... feel free to sleep in it.

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