Monday, December 12, 2016

The New Bobbsey Twins (Crain and Waters) have a lot to say about me, but have nothing to say about the monster they created, Marc Boldt.

Look, I get their sense of frustration.

For Crain's part it's tough to be a political hack that throws a hissy fit when she can't get her RINOs installed to take over the local GOP... being a closet leftist and co moderator of the fringe-left C3G2 hate group, I get all of that.  Certainly, that's how she rolls.

I hope that my meager effort here of keeping people informed about her hypocrisy and so on played some small roll in that.

And I get that Waters is pissed off because he came across like a blithering idiot on the Trump thing and would have much rather had us vote for #HillBilly...

And I also get Waters' hatred of conservatives now... and that he'd sell his mother to keep conservatives out of office... after all, his leftist involvement in the Nierenberg/democrat PAC and the fact that they've made Waters into a complete tool when it comes to adding yet another Stooge to the 3 already on the county commission is self-evident..

But where these slimeballs have been silent is any reaction to the efforts by THEIR CREATION to screw us here locally... precisely like I said he would all along.

Yup... lots to say about ME.... but NOTHING to say about their boy, democrat Marc Boldt.

Tax increases?


Fee increases?


Jack up the park tax?


Cut $2 million out of the Sheriff's Budget?


As for my part, where have I said I'm thrilled by the appointment of McMorris to anything?

Where have I changed my position on anything she's done?

Where have I said that I still don't hold her in large part accountable for building our fake congresswoman out of spare parts laying around her office?

But these two morons... who have been politically crushed this cycle... PARTICULARLY that whiny little putz Crain who looks like a total political idiot... seems strangely silent about what Boldt has done and is doing to us... and about how I called it over a year ago... while these two were out there acting like the democrats were paying them by trying to beat his opponents to a pulp.

Trump can pick who he wants... including McMorris.  In fact, he could have even picked either of these two ignorants for job, all without complaint from me.

And that I DON'T act like Crain when I don't get my way is more a testament to good judgment than it is to her efforts to destroy a thing if she can't control it.

It's Trump's Cabinet.  It's like everything else he does... it's on him.  While I'd be pissed if he picked that worthless drone Romney.... that's entirely different than McMorris being in a leadership position in a RINO-led House of Representatives.  And in a more sober moment, even these two rank amateurs would likely admit that.

Meanwhile, throwing crap at me doesn't make these two anytheless the losers they are.

And frankly, I hope they choke on it.

BTW, Lew?  You'll be as right about Trump's actions as you were about his election.

The trend was the thing.  You know, precisely like I said it was?


Thanks for jacking up my readership, though.  ALWAYS appreciated!

(MEMO UPDATE:  I don't give a damn about what Waters has written in the past.  That was then... this is now.  He helped build the moron running county government, and when Boldt screws us after being warned... repeatedly...that would happen were he elected.... those who turned democrat like Waters, Crain and Boger, with their campaigns of hate... are ALL responsible.  This crap doesn't happen in a vacuum.  So whining about my efforts to hold you clowns accountable doesn't do anything to ameliorate the damage you've caused us.

And I get that Lew is, apparently brain-damaged.  I, for example, never suggested that Waters voted for Boldt.  I never suggested WHO Waters voted for.  As much as he claims other wise, there it is.

The reality is that, no matter who he CLAIMS he voted for, that doesn't make it true... after all, Lewwy keeps lying about me doing anything as a result of anything David Madore asked or, equally falsely, paid me to do.  And claiming he voted for two other leftists (Stuart and Dalesandro) hardly gives him any cover.

The reality is that it doesn't matter who Lewwy voted for.  My allegation that he bears responsibility for this outcome as part of becoming a leftist tool and working against conservatives remains unassailed.  Hooking up with the fringe-left to make sure that no conservatives are on th county council is something that Lewwy cannot deny.  Nor can he deny his own silence in the face of that moron doing EXACTLY what I said he WOULD do.

He got the outcome he wanted.  And like the other RINO tools, the left is loving it and the people of this county are getting screwed.

No amount of deflection can change the fact:  You were warned ahead of time, by me among others, what would happen if Boldt got elected.  You did everything possible to make that happen.  No amount of whining or sniveling or deflecting changes any of that.

You own this guy.  He wouldn't be there without you RINO-types.  When he farts, you people stink.  This is all on you... and if you put a foot of lipstick on your pig it will always be a pig.)

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