Thursday, December 01, 2016

Now what should Trump do?

Everything he promised.

Clearly, it appears that within parts of the Trump organization, a seed of thought has germinated that indicates if he would only moderate his positions and forgive those who cheerfully would have jammed a shiv into his spine at the L4-L5 area, all will be forgiven and we'll see the new century's Camelot.


Trump is a macro-version of our local example, one David Madore.

What they have in common is this: the fringe-left and the media hate them.

Because of that factoid, there is absolutely nothing that either could do or could have done to win them over.

This is particularly important forn the President-Elect, in that the hatred of Trump by the leftist media boiled over like a pot of potatoes on an overlyu hot stove.

And there are two stark, obvious realities of his new life:  No matter what he does, the left will do all they can to stop him.

No matter what level of success he achieves, the left will oppose anything and everything he wants done that doesn't fit their agenda or meme.

The seed that may have germinated, then, should be stamped out and burned.

For when you are aware ahead of time that what you've done or are planing on doing will never be good enough, never be the right thing, always will be second guessed and despised... then what's the point of killing off a single brain cell over what ANY of them think believe or say?

No matter what you do in their eyes, you're going to be a loser.  So, why waste the energy, time and effort?  Your predecessor certainly didn't bother.  Why should you?

As of now, my guess is that both house of Congress fear you.  They fear your power which seems quite unattached to the usual levers they pull to get their way.

That will last ONLY as long as you ignore their fears and do what you know to be right while keeping your word to us, the people/

No matter what the media says... a media which, by and large hates you with a passion unmatched at any level save locally by their hatred of David Madore... ignore them and do what you've promised and planned for the duration of the campaign.

Changing any of it will merely serve as a victory for the left.  And at the point where they demand such a victory, you should feel free to remind them of the words of that great poet warrior, Barack Obama, namely...

"... elections have consequences."

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