Saturday, December 03, 2016

Brancaccio and more of his leftist hate: Is there a Benton-Trump connection?

When I was emailed this screed of Lefty Lou's, I didn't make it past then headline.

I'm going with the first thing I thought when I read it:

"As long as Trump doesn't go with a low-life, lying scumbag leftist like Lou, ANYTHING he puts into the swamp would be an improvement."

See, here's the thing:  I don't know what or if there is such a connection beyond knowing that Benton was apparently a mid-level member of Trump's campaign organization covering most of Charlie's Country states in the US... the Left Coast, Hawaii, Alaska and so forth if memory serves... and I understand, he was calling the shots for those areas.

What's happening here is that Lefty, BEING Lefty, is all butthurt that first, he was dead wrong about the election and second, that Benton might get some sort of gig out of it and there's absolutely nothing Lefty can do about it.

Benton, you see, at his worst.... far exceeds Lyin' Lefty Lou at his best.

I have zero idea if Benton is going to pick something up out of the Plumb Book; variously described as the list of from 4200 to 7700 presidential appointment jobs that Trump has to fill. 

They run from stuff like "Deputy Assistant to the Regional Coordinator of FEMA for Area 11" to Secretary of State and everything in between."

Now, our local paid liar Lefty has engaged in behavior far more corruptive than anything he believes Benton has done.  Lefty has personally raped the science of journalism and allowed his thugs working for him to do the same.

For the miserable time he's polluted our local community from his bully pulpit, he has lied, exaggerated, assassinated, attacked, and worked as a shadow government in itself, manipulating his leftist winged monkeys into doing his bidding like the sheep they are; saddling us with the horrific county charter and the 4 leftists running it as a result.... and that alone, exclusive of his decade of lies on the CRC scam is enough to run him out of town on a rail, tarred and fathered.

So, generally speaking, this community.... this COUNTY... is best served by doing the exact opposite of what this moron wants.

Lefty, you see, reminds me of one of those guys who run a drug cartel.  Legends in their own minds, they simply do whatever they want, whenever they want, and they answer, essentially, to no one.

Lefty lies because there's no one to tell Lefty to knock it off.  And wasn't it Lord Acton who said something about power corrupting?

Here's the thing, then: I'd love to see Benton get some high level, high profile appointment just to see Lefty and his Winged Monkeys all vapor lock.

The higher, the better.  The fringe-left and RINO heads exploding around here would be far more beautiful that any of the Ft. Vancouver fireworks.  And that, b itself, would be much more spectacular.

I'd like to remind my fringe-left whackjob brethren and sistren that in the words of their political god Obama, "elections," we are told, "have consequences."

And I, for one, find their whining and sniveling and bitching and moaning quite entertaining, myself.

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