Monday, November 14, 2016

What did we learn from this election?

In no particular order:

Negative advertising/coverage no longer has the impact it once had.

If negative ads worked as thought, Trump wouldn’t have won a state.

This is a part of the rewriting of political science/campaign textbooks that Trump has accomplished.

All of the old conventional thought has been tossed on its ear.

While I predicted a Trump victory, in both the primary and the general, it was in large part because of the voter anger towards the current administration; Hillary’s doubling down on a course that day after day, polling had indicated that the overwhelming majority (occasionally, as high as 90% felt this country is on the wrong track) and the fact that much of the left’s negativity was contrived, exaggerated and based on a bias they didn't even bother to hide.

Remember, as we are bombarded with continuing negativity concerning Trump, the source of that coverage will be the exact, same fringe-leftist haters who did their best to destroy Trump from the moment he announced for president.

But expect the media to continue to “Madore” Trump while you remember that the massive, deliberate hatred by the RINO element is what cost conservatives this major voice in local politics and who now, the left and the fake Republicans have relegated to treating like a disease.

Some might point out that as a result of the local rag’s incessant whining and negative ads, Madore lost.

Nonsense.  There was a deliberate RINO effort to allow them to be used by the left to achieve THEIR leftist am.  Had the RINOs kept the same party loyalty these same RINOs demand from conservatives, he would still be on the council.

Quiz question:  If these scum in, say, Portland were protesting a Hillary victory…  do you believe the media coverage, the media’s efforts to justify and excuse that behavior and the EQUALLY boorish behavior of the governments in place to protect us from these animals would be… well… just a tiny bit “different?”

The post Obama-election whining about the GOP losing in 2012 requiring some sort of overhaul of conservative values was bogus.

We all should remember the demands made after that bumbling idiot Romney blew it with Obama in 2012.  They amounted to some sort of a requirement that the GOP become democrat-lite, from the old school “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” school of thought… something of a morphing into a huge RINO organization… a mirror of a Kasich or a Little Jebbie Bush.

I thought it was idiocy then… and this election proved that such a RINO attitude is idiocy now.

As I laid it out here, along with other analysis, the problem was NOT the positions of the GOP for the most part; it was a focus on the social aspects (gay marriage opposition, for example) instead of the meat and potatoes of governance.  It was the failure of the party infrastructure and GOTV effort that was as important as Romney’s incompetence as a campaigner in his loss.

This outcome tends to prove much of that conclusion.

To be a RINO is to be a hypocrite.

Locally, the RINO’s coalesced around John Blom (County Council – Realtor) as a result of their hatred of conservatives.  If Battan is to be believed (And this would be true to form for the RINOs) many of them will support him over Quiring.  (I voted for neither.  Battan attracting RINOs and Quiring taking Cowlitz money were disqualifiers to me) The RINO goal is to eliminate conservative voices in government at all levels but certainly the local has led their way.

CERTAINLY, however, that has not stopped the RINOs from attempting to pick up the conservative vote.  Someone shilling for Blom reared his ugly head demanding that we “unify” and support Blom.

Screw that.  I lit him up like a Christmas tree and it disappeared.

If I were in Blom’s council district, I’d be giving Harris (his democrat opponent) money.  For me, you see, there is zero point in electing a fake democrat like Blom, who couldn't wait to be Boldt’s rubber stamp like the other 2 Stooges who lied about their party affiliation to get elected and who have voted exactly like their democrat opponents would have had they won.

As it turned out, even with a quarter-million dollar funding advantage from the realtors who bought
him like the 13th Amendment didn’t exist, Blom is having a very hard time sealing the deal.

I opposed all the RINOs:  Blom, Wilson, Bryant, Vance, Wyman, Rivers and others.  After all, there really is no point in voting for a fake democrat when you can vote for the real thing.

Essentially, the fall of Madore was a result of the local RINO contingent, the Boger/Kimsey types who, in reality, are democrats but lack the guts to be truthful about their true political loyalties and who have thrown their ongoing hissy-fit since they were bounced out of position in their local party apparatus’ leadership role.

We saw the impact of the RINO contingent in the 18th District.

They coalesced around a liar who has cost this county $700 million by violating her word to oppose the gas tax and tab fee increases with which she has enslaved us all, costing each family of 4 in Clark County a paltry $6000 or so, all because she didn’t want to be “called a pansy for keeping her word.”

Don’t believe me?  Watch this liar tell us all about how selling us out was such a great idea: 

They hate Madore because they view him as instrumental in their fall from power.  And they hate conservatives so much that they have no problem hanging out at Lefty Lou Brancaccio’s house currying favor which, by kissing his ass, he gratefully provided.  They sold us all out to get what they wanted.  And that’s why, for example, none of the current RINOs on the county council can explain how they would have voted differently on ANY issue from their democrat opponent.  They’re interchangeable like lug nuts from those running against them… and that left us with a choice that sucked, which explains perfectly why, for example, that punk Blom, who is now as owned by the Realtors as he would be if he was a plantation slave before the Civil War, almost lost, even though he had a quarter-million dollar fundraising edge.

Every new regulation; every new tax, every new fee, every new sellout rests on their head.

At the federal level, our local pansy brigade decided, en masse, that they would rather have a criminal candidate, a total incompetent liar with blood on her hands; than Trump because of an 11-year-old audio tape.

That kind of thinking is dangerously stupid and achieves nothing but lasting enmity from the base.

In the end, even RINO Ryan, Speaker of the House, has got on board as Trump’s train along with a late arriving Ted Cruz, who is getting clobbered by former Texas Governor Rick Perry in his US Senate race for Texas… in large part resulting from Cruz’s skullduggery on his pledge to endorse Trump, ala RINOs Kasich, Little Jebbie and others.

RINOs would have rather seen any conservative defeated even if that means A DEMOCRAT TAKES THEIR PLACE.

Local RINO nutjobs like Herrera, Rivers, Boger and Waters, for example; would rather see #HillBilly elected than Trump.

And that was reflected in the county Pike race outcome.

Pike won her race, but 4700 RINO voters went with Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers and Brandon “6 Committee” Vick and then turned around and voted for the democrat.

The reasons are simple: first, the RINO types never supported Trump.  They used the tape as their excuse to bail… but they were never there to begin with.

Second, they’re perfectly OK, being RINOs, to allow the current government insanity wrought by Obama, Ryan and McConnell to continue indefinitely.

That led to utterly idiotic forecasts such as Brent Boger's now deleted face book forecast:
“Here is my final prognostication for federal elections. Clinton will win with a 4% percent popular vote margin over Trump. She will have an Electoral College margin of 300 to 238. Trump carries all of the Romney states including Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina plus carries Ohio and Iowa carried by Obama in 2016. There has been a noticeable drift toward Clinton over the weekend in the polls. There still is the shy or hidden Trump vote theory that is plausible but I don't think will significantly alter the results.
In Senate races, I think the Republicans will lose Illinois, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania and will not pick up the one seat they have a shot at in Nevada. For a net loss of 3 overall and will control the Senate 51-49. 
In House races, I think the Republicans will have a net loss of 12 seats, for a 235-200 House in 2017-2019. 
The Presidential election this year has featured the second most unpopular politician in the country beating the most unpopular politician in the country. 
The 2018 midterms should be sweet for the GOP.
This wasn't based on a thing but this idiot’s personal biases… which stem from his more moronic RINO side.  There was no information out there to support that conclusion if one was possessed of critical thinking skills.  And his incompetent take on politics extends to every area of his political life,.

I took a different view:  Trump wins.  I had no earthly idea by how much. The momentum continues and the early voting signs were not favorable to Hillary.  She will not get close to 300 electoral votes and I do not believe the GOP loses 3 senate seats.  Maybe 1.  I also expect the House, if it loses seats, will not come close to 12.

This election has featured a criminal incompetent losing to a man who can turn this country around.  But then, that’s why they call it “betting” and not “winning.”

It’s difficult to hold candidates who lie accountable.

The biggest local liar who ran for reelection is Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers.  She won… handily… because as of this writing, $344,000 has been paid into her campaign by those who own her.

No amount of money should make up for her betrayal, which has/will cost this county $700 million, and cost each man, woman, and child over $1500 each… after pledging to oppose the very gas taxes and tab fee increases she supported.

Most in her district are unaware of this.  Her opponent, who I voted for, raised $15,800 in comparison.

Money, of course, goes to the one most likely to win.  Rivers has received 22 times as much as her competitor.  Why?  Was that kind of cash necessary?

Back in the day of rampant nuclear fears between the US and the USSR, there were nukes numbering in the thousands… referred to as “nuclear overkill,” among other terms.

When confronted with that kind (amount) of money, what are those providing it expecting in return?  I suppose it may have been added to that extent either to launder it to the Senate GOP or to reward Rivers personally.

For example, as I write this, $135,000 seems to have vaporized between her claimed deposit to her surplus account back in August and the Surplus account itself, which shows no record of it ever getting there.

Electing GOP candidates is no guarantee that an income tax ISN'T coming.

After last cycle’s GOP gas tax debacle, they have already shown themselves quite capable of inflicting huge taxes on us, although an income tax would require a vote of the people, unlike the massive gas tax and tab fee increases the GOP rammed down our collective throats.

The media is massively in favor of the left.

Wikileaks has shown the networks were mere extensions of the Hillary campaign; including media scum who were utilized in the GOP debates.

This obvious bias must end: that means it’s time to get rid of network news anchors and reporters as moderators in these debates.  It actually CAN be someone, not a reporter.  That’s a wild concept, I know, but that is a viable alternative, especially after so much proof of Clinton campaign involvement with these people in so many of these debates.

Every time Lefty Lou claims he’s without bias or his rag is without bias, he’s lying.  The difference here is that while he routinely makes that claim, lying through his tooth, the networks and the major publications don’t even bother.  And how’d that work out for them?

Government partisanship in law enforcement must end.

Here’s a federal law for you:
Under U.S. Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 101, § 2071: 
(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.  
(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States. [Emphasis added]
Of course, the plain language aspect of this law shows that Hillary never should have been allowed to run.  Notice the complete lack of an “intent” requirement.  Some servicemembers, for example, are in prison for far, far less.

Regardless of the FBI’s (Comey’s) take on all of this, there can be zero doubt that Clinton is guilty of at least part of this law.

Hillary “had custody of any such record,” she “willfully and unlawfully concealed, removed (through her illegal server) AND destroyed (through erasure) the same,” and by so doing, is DISQUALIFIED FROM HOLDING ANY OFFICE UNDER THE UNITED STATES.

“President” is not an exception, unlike “retired officer.”

Hillary should have been indicted in July.  Had she been a Republican and had she been treated this way under a GOP administration, the riots would have started THEN by these leftist animals and would have been far, far worse had she won.

The democratian continued the local bias meme, going with all democrats… or those RINO enough to vote like democrats when it matters.

Following their usual pattern, they endorsed democrats or RINOs in every open seat.  If you were a RINO incumbent, such as Herrera, they would endorse you.  If you are a democrat running against anyone remotely conservative, they endorsed you.

If they liked you or if Lou was a drinking buddy, you got endorsed.

We all know what the media has done here.  And they should be treated accordingly.

These realities are stark.  It SHOULD make a difference in the approaches of these clowns but it won’t this time.

I expect the NEXT campaign cycle will be even worse… And the one after that… 2020… (can’t you already hear the “hindsight” crap even now?) will likely make this effort look like 8 killed in the intersection compared to a fender-bender in a parking lot.

And the people… THE PEOPLE… have had enough.

This is them… saying that.

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